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Cancer and End of Life Questions

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  1. What do I do after my doctor telling me I have six months to live?

    No doctor has a crystal ball to know exactly how long you have to live but your disease is serious. If your oncologist is not offering you any other chemotherapy (there may be none except those that are not likely to help or are likely to make you feel awful), then hospice is a reasonable option. ...
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  2. How do you truthfully answer the question, "Am I dying?"

    It is always hard to answer difficult questions, especially ones like your grandmother is asking. You have not given too much information regarding whether she is confused, has dementia, or has other disease processes going on. But, the fact that you are giving her care and "being there" for her i...
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  3. Why are my husband's dementia and hallucinations at night?

    While many different kinds of cancer spread to other parts of the body, lung cancer is one that spreads to the brain. When this happens, the person may experience headaches, even seizures, and other neurological symptoms such as speech problems, confusion, and quite frequently, hallucinations. A h...
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  4. Is it possible to have an energy surge in the final days of cancer?

    Yes, many people have a temporary improvement near the end of life. This can take the form of an energy surge, or improved clarity of thought, but it often helps the person accomplish things near the end of his or her life. It may simply mean that the person's mind is more clear allowing greater a...
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  5. Does entering Hospice care mean death is near?

    Your grandfather's doctor has based his diagnosis on various tests and signs and symptoms that have presented during his course of treatment. From your description, there are many things going on that involve different systems of the body, such as the lungs, kidneys, liver and colon. Cancer is a d...
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  6. Should I continue my cancer treatment?

    Given the information that I have, I would say that for long term cancer treatment, the main reason for continuing, without cure as an option, is exactly prolongation of life.  That is up to you if your oncologist is offering further treatment.  Balancing the burdens of continued life and treatment ...
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  7. Will living with a dying grandfather undermine a child's faith?

    Caring for a terminally ill family member brings stress to families, and children look to us as parents to see the nature of compassion and faith. They absorb what they see reflected in us as parents, but they also have unique needs.
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  8. How long can you live with metastatic lung cancer?

    15 % chance 3 months 20% chance 18 months 25 % chance upto 5 yrs 37 % chance upto 12 yrs
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  9. How can I help my mother deal with the lumps in her breasts?

    It may be that all you really can do is nothing. You could respectfully express your unhappiness and concern about your mom's decision, but it may not change her mind. It is indeed unfortunate that without an MRI, you don't know if her breast lumps are benign or malignant, and if they are malignant,...
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  10. Is indefinite chemo considered pallative care?

    Palliative chemotherapy is a treatment considered when the intent of treatment is no longer curative but rather to provide symptom relief from the cancer.
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  11. Is dying from cancer treatment worse than dying from cancer?

    As a general question, this is very hard to answer since different cancers behave differently. Cancer treatment can prolong life in many cases for some period of time but the question is at what cost to quality of life? For some people, the cost is well worth the benefits. For others, the benefit...
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  12. How can I keep my faith to make it through another day?

    You're facing one of life's most difficult challenges, and your feelings of ambivalence, doubt, and fear are common. May I express my support and prayers for you at this painful time in your life.
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  13. How do we decide when to stop chemotherapy that's not working?

    This is a very hard conversation to have, when the doctor acknowledges that cancer treatment is no longer achieving results. You and your father have to weigh the negative aspects of treatment, such as uncomfortable and painful side effects, against your father's need to keep seeking a cure. It's on...
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  14. How can we keep Mom comfortable and relieve bone pain?

    You ask a lot of good questions. Let's take them one at a time.
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  15. How do you overcome denial of death?

    I confirmed with a surgical oncologist about an infected central line, and you are right. This is a "pre-terminal" event and she will not recover from this without removal of the line. But commonly, cancer patients will see a short improvement in health that preceeds death; one chaplain I know s...
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  16. Does xango mangosteen cure cancer?

    Do check out www.healthychoice.in.th where the medicinal benefits of mangosteen was first discovered, with on going studies and real living proof of beyond last stage cancer survivors live to tell for over than 30 years
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