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8 Ways to Arrange Breaks from Caregiving

8 Ways to Arrange Breaks from Caregiving

By , Caring.com Senior Editor
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Options for respite care range from informal agreements with friends and neighbors to formal contracts for services with an agency or onsite at a facility. Here are eight ways to do it:

1. Ask for help from family and friends.

How it helps: You'll get a break; those filling in will better understand both your needs and your loved one's needs. An added benefit: The one receiving care will benefit from receiving comfort and company from another trusted person.

What it costs: This type of care is usually free. It's sometimes a good idea to either pay a small amount or to compensate family or friends informally with gas station cards, restaurant meals, or other goods or services.

How to get started: Ask the person who needs care whom he or she misses most or would like to spend more time with and who may also be able to lend a hand. When approaching potential helpers, be specific about what's required -- and get a solid commitment about the days and times they're available.