Dose Medicare Part B pay for a person at a pharmacy to give me the flu shot?

Cughmacharlie asked...

Regarding Medicare Part B for flu shots - define "other medical care provider"; does that include, say, the person at the pharmacy who gives the flu shot?

Expert Answer

Medicare Part B will pay 100 percent of the cost of an annual flu shot if provided by any medical provider who's licensed to administer the shot and who participates in Medicare. This includes your doctor, but for many people it means a walk-in clinic, a nurse at a temporary flu shot site at a grocery store or mall, or a pharmacist at your local drug store. Any of these flu shot providers can -- and almost all do -- participate in Medicare and also handle the Medicare paperwork for you so that you do not need to pay anything out of pocket or contact Medicare. Before the provider administers the shot, they give you a simple form to fill out, which includes your Medicare information (your name and beneficiary number as shown on your Medicare card). The provider takes care of sending the information to Medicare; you don't have to do anything or pay anything.

These flu shot sites can be extremely convenient, saving you a special trip to the doctor's office. But if you happen on a flu shot site that does not participate in Medicare, or that requires you to pay anything or to contact Medicare directly, you may want to look around for another site that makes things easier, and cheaper, for you.