The Best Podcasts for Family Caregivers

8 Options for Caregiver Information, Tips and Support
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Being a caregiver for an aging loved one can be highly rewarding, but it comes with its share of challenges, too. Along with the chance to spend time with your loved one and show your support in practical ways, you’re also bound to run into with emotional and medical challenges. It’s important for caregivers to remember that they’re far from alone in the challenges they face, and that there is a wealth of resources available to help cope.

You may be familiar with books and online articles about caregiving, but have you thought about podcasts? There are a number of podcasts available today that provide invaluable caregiver information. Additionally, the unique format gives busy caregivers the chance to listen and learn while completing other tasks, such as driving and cleaning. Here are some of the best caregiving podcasts to add to your playlist.

1. Caregiver SOS

If you're looking for a weekly podcast that delves into a wide variety of caregiving issues, try Caregiver SOS, presented by the WellMed Charitable Foundation. This hour-long show provides essential caregiver information presented by a gerontologist Carol Zernial and author Dr. James Huysman PsyD, and hosted by noted broadcaster Ron Aaron. Topics range from end-of-life communication to new healthcare technology. There are also episodes about senior living arrangements, legal issues and long-distance caregiving.

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2. People with Parents

Humor is one of the most effective ways to cope with challenges of caregiving, and the People with Parents podcast is the perfect place for family caregivers to find a laugh. Comedian and author Leighann Lord discusses the emotional aspects of caregiving, such as role-reversal and relationship changes, using casual storytelling and personal interviews. You'll find caregiver information on many relevant topics presented with a helpful and upbeat tone.

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3. Agewyz

Jana Panarites hosts the Agewyz podcast, a show dedicated to reminding caregivers they aren't alone. Her show covers a wide variety of topics, including health challenges and common stereotypes about aging. Agewyz features numerous guests, including medical experts, industry professionals and people providing care and support for their loved ones. This weekly production includes personal stories, practical medical advice, and lively discussions about dealing effectively with aging and the daily tasks of caregiving.

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4. The Senior Caregiver Podcast

Host Bill Worthington discusses a broad range of topics about caregiving and aging on The Senior Caregiver podcast, presented by Sunrise Senior Living. You can find discussions about caring for Alzheimer's patients and loved ones with dementia and other forms of memory loss. Each episode features essential caregiver information, including insights about various conditions and practical tips for effective memory care.

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5. Dave, the Caregiver's Caregiver

One of the most common challenges of caregiving is dealing with emotional stress and burnout. Caregivers may also have difficulty learning how to handle the grief that can accompany this stage of life. Dave Nassaney, best-selling author and longtime caregiver for his wife, hosts Dave, the Caregiver’s Caregiver with Adrienne Gruberg, founder of The Caregiver Space website.

Nassaney’s podcast features interviews with medical experts, media personalities, authors and caregivers who are all working toward making the most of their lives while creating the best quality of life possible for their loved ones. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, medical information, practical advice or stories from fellow caregivers, this podcast has got you covered.

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6. Transition Aging Parents

Host Dale Carter offers valuable advice and personal insights about the ins and outs of helping and supporting aging parents. Her program features interviews with experts in many fields, including Alzheimer's, memory impairment, home care, communication, financial and estate issues and spiritual concerns. There are also episodes with caregiver information about specialized topics, such as VA benefits, managing medications, caregiver retreats and working with assisted living facilities.

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7. Healing Ties From the Bow Tie Guy

The challenges of caregiving don't simply go away after the caregiving phase ends. Caregiver information about how to cope with life after eldercare is a topic that's often overlooked, but the Healing Ties podcast is dedicated to helping during this special time. Chris MacLellan, a.k.a The Bow Tie Guy, uses his personal experiences and professional history in social work, senior care and ministry to help listeners develop a healthy, happy life after caregiving ends.

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8. Let's Talk Dementia

A caregiver for her mother and the best-selling author of "Let's Talk Dementia," Carol Howell tackles a wide range of dementia and senior housing topics in her short, snappy episodes. Listeners can also submit their own caregiving questions. Presented by Senior Life Journeys, recent episodes covered Pick's Disease Dementia, caregiving for aging parents, and angry behavior caused dementia.

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