Best Holiday Gifts for the Elderly, Ideas for Every Budget

See unique gift ideas for seniors and older adults

There’s no need to stress about trying to find the oh-so perfect gift for every older adult on your holiday shopping list. We’ve simplified gift giving with our annual holiday to-buy list that includes a range of options to please your older loved ones. Even those who insist they don’t “need” or want anything.

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$25 and Under

Ethel M's Nostalgic Mars Bars

Named after Forrest M. Mars' mother, these sweet tooth-pleasing goodies crafted from the original recipe that dates back to 1932 are sure to spark nostalgic memories of the recipient’s youth. Ethel M's Nostalgic Mars Bars make an excellent retro stocking stuffers or accent tied onto the ribbon of a larger package.

Cost: $2.99
To order: or Amazon

Dr. Grip Pen

The No. 1 selling ergonomic pen in the U.S. and has received an Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. Pilot's Dr. Grip Pen is a practical and thoughtful stocking stuffer idea for any seniors on your list who love writing, journaling or crosswords, but struggle to do so as they get older.

Cost: $8.99
To order: Target or Amazon

Okabashi shoes

Give the gift of relief for your older loved one’s tired, aching feet with Okabashi, an eco-friendly American-made shoe crafted with a focus on foot health. Created to focus on true protection and sport for the foot, the shoes offer the added Earth-friendly benefit of being made from recycled materials. The ergonomic footbed is designed for maximum arch support, making the shoes ideal for traveling, post-workout, working in the yard, and/or running errands during a busy day.

Cost: $18.99
To order:

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System (Sponsored)

Give peace of mind this holiday season and sign up with Bay Alarm Medical. With just a push of a button, Bay Alarm Medical’s trained 24/7 UL-Certified operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors, and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.

Starting at just $19.95 per month, Bay Alarm Medical provides rapid medical response for inside the home, as well as a mobile GPS device for when you’re away. Get started today and try us risk-free for 30 days. Best of all, there are no long-contracts or cancellation fees. With over 70 years of protecting families and their loved ones, you can trust Bay Alarm Medical when seconds count.

Cost: Starting at $19.99/month
To order: Bay Alarm Medical

Treemote wireless remote

Eliminate the need for your loved one to reach—and possibly fall—behind holiday decorations to turn them on and off. The Treemote wireless remote control makes it easy to turn holiday lights on and off without having to wrestle with power cords every time. And even though it’s geared for the holidays, Treemote can be used throughout the year all around the house to help control hard-to-reach lights and small appliances, such as table lamps.

Cost: $19.99
To order:

Vidalia Chop Wizard

Speed up the ability for your loved one to make their famous turkey stuffing and other tasty dishes during the holidays—and all year long—with the Vidalia Chop Wizard. A fast, safe and easy way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables, it’s designed to be gentle on tired and aching joints in the hands and wrists and eliminates the need to sharpen knives. The tool includes two blades, users can chop or dice in minutes and then pop the Chop Wizard in the dishwasher for quick, hassle-free clean-up.

Cost: $19.99
To order: Bed Bath and Beyond


Make it easier for your loved one to tap into the numerous health benefits of walking with the added bonus of being hands free for better balance and mobility. The Walkapocket is a sleek, convenient way to carry all sizes of phones plus cash, ID, medications, keys and necessities without being heavy or bulky.

Available in several colors and sizes, this more modern version of a fanny pack is designed to be comfortably worn whether walking or seated. It’s also made with washable, breathable fabric meant to prevent moisture and mildew build-up.

Cost: $25.00
To order:

$26 to $50

The Reachabowl

Pet companionship has been shown to lower blood pressure and prevent loneliness for people of all ages. But for seniors, arthritis can make bending down to change water or feed a furry friend difficult.

The ReachaBowl lets pet lovers feed their pet without back pain. The tall handle eliminates the need to bend down to pick up or set down food and water dishes and the tall rim around the bowl keeps the food and water from spilling. Designed for easy disassembly so it’s easy to clean, the unit is dishwasher safe and comes in two sizes to feed a variety of breeds.

Cost: $34 for a small feeder and $38 for a medium feeder
To order:

Tote with built-in speaker

Now your loved one can bring along their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks while gardening, crafting or cleaning. The Tote With Built-In Speaker makes regular activities more enjoyable and stimulating thanks to the built-in wireless speaker with Bluetooth capabilities. Designed with a clear plastic, swipe-friendly pocket that faces out, the tote securely holds a regular or large-sized cell phone, making it possible to answer calls without having to remove the phone or touch it with messy hands.

Cost: $44.99
To order:

Sunbeam Renue Neck Wrap

Give the gift of soothing relief for the neck and shoulders by delivering therapeutic, relaxing heat directly to areas of stress to relieve pain and sore muscles. The Sunbeam Renue Neck Wrap is designed to gently contour to the user’s neck and shoulders and deliver hands-free relief in four different heat settings. The built-in shut-off timer offers security against burns and fires in case a user falls asleep while using the wrap.

Cost: $49.99
To order:

$50 - $100

A Cozy Blanket for Sports Fans

Great for taking to the game on crisp fall days, this ultra-cozy blanket is also ideal for camping trips, sleepovers with grandkids, or just curling up on the couch to cheer on a favorite team. The Blueprint Blanket is customized with a blueprint design of a favorite ballpark, arena or course. It’s made of ultrasoft fleece face with Sherpa-reverse and hemmed edges.

Cost: $65
To order:

Posture Stand

No matter where you’re sitting, the Posture Stand helps maintain proper spinal alignment and good posture to alleviate back pain. The 360-degree rotating legs, adjustable height and table angle let users bring technology much closer to the natural eye level to reduce discomfort, aches and pains. Whether on the sofa or at a desk, the stand can be used with laptops, tablets, e-readers books and more.

To order:

Bear Pillow

Send your loved one off to dreamland with the latest advancements in sleep technology. Each Bear Pillow is engineered with LOFT-X Foam Technology, which contours to accommodate all sleep positions; supporting the natural curves of the head, neck and spine. The pillow is designed to provide optimal cooling and airflow for unparalleled comfort during sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to help protect against dust mites, bacteria and allergens.

Cost: $95 for a queen-sized pillow
To order:

Telescope Walking Stick

Made of rosewood, the Telescope Walking Stick is sturdy, slender and telescopic. Made by Authentic Models, this walking stick's polished brass handle is made to fit comfortably in one's palm, and also swivels to reveal a telescopic lens, similar to a monocle. Whether taking a walk around the block, star gazing in the backyard or watching wildlife at the park, this walking stick helps makes the trip a bit more stable and fun.

Cost: $98.00
To order:

Over $100

SoClean Machine

If your older loved one uses a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea or another sleep disorder, this gift will help ensure their device stays clean and germ-free. CPAP sanitizing device company SoClean makes cleaning devices designed to kill 99.9 percent of CPAP germs, bacteria and other pathogens that can be found in a CPAP device. The device’s one-touch process requires no water or added chemicals. There’s no disassembly or emptying of water and the cleaner performs the disinfecting process during the day, so when your loved one comes home they’ll have a completely clean system.

Cost: $299
To order:

Adaptive headphones

Over time, hearing may become unbalanced or change due to age, genetics and/or noise exposure. The EVEN wireless headphones is designed to make watching TV a listening experience users may never have had before or have not heard in a long time. Made with technology that measures a person’s hearing through an innovative interactive process, the headphones adapt sound to the way each person hears in each ear to personalize and make corrections for a better quality listening experience.

Cost: $299
To order:

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2 days ago, said...

Any suggestions for a Christmas gift for a male spouse with terminal cancer. Something that tries to convey your profound love, caring and emotional support for this most difficult stage of passage thru life.

about 1 year ago, said...

For the grandparent on the go, you might also consider gifting GoGoGrandparent ( we're a service that lets older adults get affordable rides with Uber/Lyft via a phone call (no app or smartphone required) & ensures a human operator is always available to help if needed.

over 1 year ago, said...

Don't forget the EMI Drive.

about 2 years ago, said...

A great gift idea for seniors living in South Florida, is a subscription service called "Visual Senior". A Visual Senior consultant will visit the senior with a laptop or smart device connecting the senior to their out-of-area family. Independent, college-educated consultants visit the senior twice a month. The consultants share photos provided by the senior's family and set-up video calls using Skype of FaceTime. The senior does not need any computer equipment or experience. Everything is brought to them during the visit (even the internet.) The best part is the senior is receiving regular visitors while their family gets peace of mind with updates from the consultant. Check them out:

about 3 years ago, said...

A great gift I've used that brings out nostaglic memories

about 3 years ago, said...

Love the list! There are some practical and some fun ideas. Other ideas I have heard are: time with them (the best one, I think), Jitterbug (big-button cell phone), FotoDialer (connects into an existing landline and dials people by pressing a button next to the wallet-sized photo of the person/place you wish to call,, personalized calendar, etc. Time wins in my book.

over 3 years ago, said...

The best gift I got for my grandmother was an honorary doctoral degree. They appreciate it so much, it's a great way to recognize their accomplishments. You can order one by donating to an organization like LADC Institute in California, it will set you back less than $100 and makes an excellent gift for elderly people

over 3 years ago, said...

Modern gift for the elderly! If you want to treat an elderly man Android tablet which he could use (listen to Internet radio, read a book, read online news and general Internet use) I recommend: 1, Buy android tablet (version 4 +). In Israel, the price of the tablet about 300 shekels. 2. Install it shell program (launcher) adapted for the elderly. You can download it here: 3. Present tablet. I would be happy to answer questions:

about 4 years ago, said...

I did some searching for "things for old people" and found some great gifts for old people however,one of the best "things" you are able to give old people is your time. Cook some meals for them, come over and clean their bathroom, hang out, take them shopping...Spending quality time with seniors is paramount.

about 5 years ago, said...

My 91 year old sister in law lives by her self and often says she doesn't have a card to send someone, So I think the cards and stamps is a nice idea.