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Reviews of Gardens of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland


(17 reviews)

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February 18, 2024

I visited this facility

My mother-in-law is going to move into the Gardens of Annapolis. It is very close to where we live, so it's going to be very convenient for my mother-in-law. The tour was conducted during three different times, and each time the experience was extremely favorable. The management and the administration were very helpful and did a thorough tour of all of the common areas as well as the varied living spaces. It's a very nice community. It's secure. They have a lot of amenities, and it's very close to shopping, grocery stores, coffee restaurants, and the library. Within the community they also have a caterer at least once a week to my understanding, and then they have a lot of social engagement things that go on during the week. My mother-in-law is getting a one-bedroom with a bathroom, and then a living room with enough space for a dining table. The kitchen is really quite large, and there's a good bit of storage. Off the living room there's a really nice balcony, and then there's also a window in the bedroom. They can decorate outside their unit however they want. There were a lot of residents who had decorated the exterior of their unit, so it's very cheery. It's ideal for us because it's close to where we live, and it's close to all the amenities that my mother-in-law could need, including two pharmacies. They have transit for doctors' appointments, and they also go to two local stores where they can get their groceries and whatever else they need. It's really an ideal situation.



February 8, 2024

I visited this facility

I toured Gardens of Annapolis. The person who toured me was very patient, understanding, listened politely, and answered my questions. She took me around to several places that I thought I might be interested in throughout the building. She showed me the different apartment settings that they offered. When she interacted with the residents, it was very positive. They had been playing cards in one room, and it looked like they were having fun. She showed me where people come in to do exercises like yoga. I felt the tour was unhurried. I like one apartment in particular because when you came in, you didn't fall right into the kitchen. The kitchen was actually around the corner, and it had a little nook where you could have a table and chairs there as well. So, I liked that feature. They had different configurations, and they were nice and bright, and I liked that. That's what I was looking for in a place. I don't like dark apartments. The staff mentioned activities that they have. They had a lot of things going on right there. And the ladies that interacted with were so friendly. However, they are just too far from the rest of my family.



May 11, 2023

I visited this facility

We toured Gardens of Annapolis. I like it very much. We looked at two-bedroom apartments, we saw two of them, and they were very spacious. They had done work on them, they were up to date, and they had new appliances in them. They were really beautiful. The staff who toured us, Brittany, was so informative. She was pleasant. She gave us a good overview of everything that the place had to offer. In terms of amenities, they didn't offer a tremendous amount, but it is independent living and people are going to do a lot of things on their own. It's not like a place you're going to go in that's total care, and you want them to do everything for you because you're not going to be leaving that place all that often. They do some exercise there. I do my own cooking, and I don't want to go someplace where I'm going to get meals given to me, but there, three times a week you could use the evening meal as a social get-together and pay a very nominal fee for the meal. I thought that was very good. They have a van that takes you around to various places, which I thought was an extremely important amenity when you're going to be living in a place like that. They also have get-togethers, which I think is good, particularly if you're going to go someplace you don't know anybody.



April 27, 2023

I visited this facility

I got to visit the Gardens of Annapolis. I like the overall layout, the rooms were nice and all updated. They had plenty of local shopping to go around. The staff was great, they're very knowledgeable and very caring, and they seem to know everybody in the building. I haven't eaten there and the dining area was small. But they cater to independent living so that's how the dining area was. There was plenty of stuff to do and plenty of places to go, there were just not a lot of group interactions since everybody was pretty much independent. It's a good facility for some people who want to be on their own but in a secure and smaller-scale environment.



February 2, 2023

I visited this facility

I went to the Gardens of Annapolis. The apartments themselves were a little jaded. The amenities inside the apartments were dated. They were refurbishing them and it looked like they needed it. The carpeting was stained in some places, but they said that if we moved in, they would put in all-new carpeting. It just doesn't make a very good look. The lady during the tour was very nice. They have a lot of activities. They didn't have any meals, but they had a full kitchen in all the apartments. They gave us a schedule of the stuff they do and it's quite a bit. They were going out to the Hippodrome for a show, which I thought was rather nice, and they go out shopping twice a week, too.



January 4, 2023

I visited this facility

I chose Gardens of Annapolis for myself, but I can't move in until March. When I went to visit the place, I fell in love. The apartments were a good value, much larger than in the other places I visited. I'm getting a one bedroom here. I liked their amenities. I liked the people that I met there. I just think it's perfect. The only person that I met on the staff was the manager, Britney, and she was lovely. She's a very good salesman. They had elevators, which is nice because I don't do well with stairs and I'll be on the third floor. They had just all kinds of neat amenities. You could buy dinner for $15, which I thought was a wonderful value. I know they had little exercise classes, a gym, and a small movie theater. I was impressed. They had a doctor in the building. My cardiologist told me to use the doctors in this facility. She said, generally, they're very good and they specialize in senior citizens. The dining area was set up with tables for four all around the room. They had a menu for each night of the week. At the beginning of the week, they give you a menu for the whole week of what they're serving. They have a group that goes out for walking. There's a walking path, which is what I need. You could rent a parking space close to the front door, which I thought was a nice additional feature.



October 5, 2022

I visited this facility

I liked the layout of the rooms at the Gardens of Annapolis. Plus it's near to my son's, so I would have a family connection there. I would have a room for my cat and some of my furniture without any problem. I would have a bedroom, a living room, a den, a bathroom, a full kitchen, plus a patio. They have a movie theater, a happy hour bar, a shuttle bus, and a lot of activities that I would be interested in. The staff was excellent, too.



September 4, 2022

I visited this facility

I visited the Gardens of Annapolis. I like the location. It's walkable to some things. I don't have a car, so that was important to me. I like that. It's on the small side. It's not a huge community. I like the apartment. They have a 1-bedroom apartment, and I think the space is good. It seems like it will be very comfortable. They have an exercise room and library. There's a movie theater room and a dining room. The grounds are attractive. The one woman I've worked with has been very helpful.



August 2, 2022

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My brother is now in the Gardens of Annapolis. I like the environment, the curb appeal, and the services and amenities for the residents. It's well-kept up. The least that I like is the lack of responsiveness to concerns, they're slow to respond. But the staff is good. They have activities like games, and bingo and they do social meet and greet. I would recommend this place, it's a nice environment and they keep it nice.



June 8, 2022

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Gardens of Annapolis was a lovely place, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. They only have independent living there. If I were to need assisted living, I would have to move to a whole different community because they do not have assisted living there. Also, another thing that was not quite what I was hoping for is that they only provide a dinner meal and only Monday through Friday. They don't have any other meals, or they don't have any meal at all on Saturday and Sunday, so you have to take care of yourself for that. Right now, I can do that, but in five or so years, I might not be able to. But it was a lovely place. They have activities. I have a friend that moved in there and I have been over to see her a couple of times. She has not participated in anything there yet. She's still unpacking and getting settled, plus, she has a few health issues that limit her ability to do some things. But from what I could see and what she's told me, there are activities there and they seem like things that I would be interested in. I would give them a 5 for what they offer. They make it quite clear that they don't offer everything, but what they offer is a 5 and for my friend, it is sufficient. My friend said that most of the food that she's had there has been good. But they have just recently changed their caterer. There is a difference between what they had last year and what they have started in this calendar year. They have a very unusual way of providing this one meal that they provide. They don't give you a choice. But my friend has to pay for a meal as she needs it. If she sees the menu for the week and there are three days that she is interested in the meals, she has to pay for each of those meals in cash on those days, so it's not part of her monthly fee either. But what I was hoping for was not having to do that. They have a card group and a book club, things like that, and there were all things that I would be interested in, but it's not quite the location I want.



June 8, 2022

I visited this facility

Gardens of Annapolis was nice, well-kept, and everything looked up to date. It felt warm and welcoming. Everyone was nice and friendly. I met the director and she was the one who showed me an apartment. The apartment was nice, spacious, and cozy. It had all the amenities that an individual would need. They have individual kitchens, cable, nice large bathrooms, and if you have any type of disabilities, they accommodate you with that, too. The community was more like a family.



March 27, 2022

I visited this facility

Gardens of Annapolis was really nice. I liked it but it was a little small for me. They were very nice apartments. I liked them. They had the washer and dryer. They had everything. I liked the floor. It was a little expensive though. I didn't want to go over my budget. They had a lot of activities. They had a theater room and a private room if you wanted to have something with your family. They had a chef and she'd prepare what you wanted because I told them I was a vegan. The staff said that wouldn't be a problem. They cater to whatever type of food you want. If it wasn't overbudget, I probably would've taken that. The staff was so courteous.



September 15, 2021

I visited this facility

My mother is moving into the Gardens of Annapolis. It's beautiful. I liked the amenities and the location. Brittany, the staff, was very sweet. She was wonderful, answered all our questions, and was very patient. The place is fully renovated and has all the bells and whistles that you want for someone like senior bars. They have the bars on the top and by the toilet, they have the things you can pull if you need help. So, they have all the amenities for somebody older. Their dining area is beautiful. Everything in the place is gorgeous. They have trips to restaurants, casinos, and all the local attractions. They have a courtesy van that will take them anywhere they want to go when they don't take them to a doctor's visit. They have a barbershop and hairdresser on site. They have a weight room, a library, a community room, a dining room, and outdoor areas. You can entertain yourself in the outdoors, too. It's just gorgeous; I wish I could lie about my age. It checks all the boxes. When I was there, everybody was lined up to go to the dining room, so I'm assuming the food is good. I walked into the kitchen, and it felt like I just walked into a home and garden show, like HDTV redo with the black boxes in the pantry. The staff was wonderful. We met and talked to the people that are living there and they were sweet. It's such a great place. I am looking forward to Mom taking control of her life again and having fun.



July 9, 2021

I visited this facility

The apartments at the Gardens of Annapolis are nice. I only met the marketing person, Stephanie, and she was very, very knowledgeable. The place was very nice and very clean. The rooms were done very well. The location was really good, and it's also close to a memory care place; you could walk there. Mainly, independent seniors live there, so there were really just apartments, but they're very pretty. They have a small fitness room.

Provider Response

Thank you Diane for your review! We value and appreciate your experience here at Gardens of Annapolis. Please let us know if you have any more questions during your search. Have a great day!



December 9, 2018

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Gardens of Annapolis is absolutely wonderful. They were very helpful during the tour, seemed to be attentive, and they answered my questions immediately. When we asked for advice, they gave us different options, so that was very nice. I liked that it was rather small, and the price was good. You pay as you need for the service, so she doesn't have to pay for food that she doesn't really want to eat all the time. At 92, they have enough activities to keep my mom busy.



September 29, 2018

I am/was a resident of this facility

We have already moved into Gardens of Annapolis; we are very pleased. The staff members are very pleasant and very helpful. So far, everything is going very well. There were some things that weren't right, but they fixed it right away, so that's very good. The apartment is clean and spacious. It is a nice layout, it is clean, it has all new appliances, and it is all freshly painted with new floors. They did a good job. They have a lot of activities posted, but so far we have not been able to participate because we are still moving in. The do have a lot of things going, so it is really up to us to participate. The food is average. It is OK, but it is not anything special. The Gardens of Annapolis seems expensive, but this is where we want to be right now.



March 1, 2014

I am a current client of this provider

My parents have already moved to Gardens of Annapolis. It's an independent living community, but they provide meals through a catering service. They also have a theater room, a gym, and they provide a bus if you need to go to the grocery store. They also have a lady's room, a men's room, and a card area where they can play cards. My aunt also lived there for many years and she loves it and that is also the reason why we chose this place.

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Costs for Gardens of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland

Independent Living

Independent Living is for those who desire the feel of a private residence with the amenities and activities available in a planned community, such as fitness classes, game nights, and group excursions. Services such as cleaning and groundskeeping are often available.


Starting Price

Services and Amenities of Gardens of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland


  • Entry Fee

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchens

About Gardens of Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland

As the two-time winner of the Active Adult Community Award from Maryland Multi-Housing Association, Gardens of Annapolis is the premier senior living community in Annapolis, MD.

Just moments from Annapolis Mall and the Annapolis Town Center, you can enjoy and appreciate all the comforts of independent living at this luxurious rental community created exclusively for seniors 62 and better.

Celebrate the retirement you have worked hard for in Anne Arundel County. Close to the shopping, restaurants and social activities that you are used to and yet still a part of a welcoming and diverse community, the Gardens of Annapolis provides you with the resources to relax and live your life to the fullest!

Senior Living Apartments in Annapolis, MD

Welcome to Gardens of Annapolis, a premier 62 and better community that offers residents an active, worry-free lifestyle. As a resident, you will have all the comforts of home and an array of on-site amenities available to you right outside your front door.

Community Amenities

  • Pet Friendly
  • Award Winning Community
  • Scheduled Transportation via Community Bus
  • Housekeeping Available
  • Evening Meals Available in Beautiful Dining Room
  • Spacious Community Areas
  • Tea / Card Room
  • Hair Salon / Barber Shop
  • Fitness Center with Free Weights and Group Classes
  • Community Movie Theater
  • Craft Room
  • Computer Center and Library
  • Game / Billiards Room
  • Bocce Ball and Shuffleboard Court
  • Social and Recreational Outings
  • Newly Renovated
  • Controlled Access Building
  • Elevator
  • High Speed Cable and Internet Available
  • Package Receiving
  • Recycling
  • Ample Parking
  • Maintenance Free Living with 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
  • Professionally Managed

Apartment Amenities

  • Safety Features Including Emergency Response System, Smoke Detectors and Sprinkler System
  • Bathroom Comfort Package Including Heat Lamp, Grab Bars and Adjustable Shower Head
  • Rent Includes Gas Heat and Hot Water
  • Deluxe, Fully Equipped Kitchens W/Ice Maker, Microwave Oven and Frost-Free Freezer
  • Full-Size Washer and Dryer
  • Private Patio or Balcony
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Large Closets
  • Individual Climate Controlled with Central Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Pre-Wired for Cable Television
  • Wall-To-Wall Carpeting
  • Mini-blinds

Thank you for your interest in Gardens of Annapolis. Please give us a call to schedule a free tour.

Map of Gardens of Annapolis

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