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Reviews of Best Home Care, Inc in Hayward, California


(19 reviews)

    Randall Atkins


    June 25, 2017


    While I was out-of-state on a long planned vacation my mother experienced some life changing situation requiring around the clock home care. I contacted Best Home Care and I was very pleased with the immediate temporary solution that Mike was able to provide. He quickly put together a group of very caring and supportive workers who professionally met the needs of my mother.. The only need that was not met was the inability of her providers to provide any transportation, although, they readily accompanied my mother to her doctors.

    Music and Dance


    March 29, 2017

    I am a past client of this provider

    Best Home Care provided 24 hour care for my mother during the last 7 months of her life. With their support, my mom was able to return to her home from a skilled nursing facility, and to live the final months of her life with dignity, comfort and even joy. She was so happy to be out of an institutional setting (which often felt like a high-class prison), and back in her own apartment. The ability to wake up and eat when she wanted to, choose what she wanted to eat, and to have immediate help with toileting and getting around the apartment were huge factors in her high quality of life at the end. Mike, the company's owner, was a good communicator and was open and responsive to feedback. There was also a way to reach him or the office staff after hours and on weekends if something urgent came up. With any kind of in-home support, the care is only as good as the individual caregivers. My mom needed a team of 5 caregivers to provide round-the-clock care, and in the beginning there were a few that were not a good fit. (One made anti-Semitic comments and also did not seem to be attentive to fall prevention -- my mom fell on her watch, and we never got a clear explanation of why.) I communicated my concerns with Mike, and though it took a while, he was able to provide an alternate caregiver. On the other end of the spectrum, some of the caregivers were over-the-top outstanding -- attentive to my mom's every need without being intrusive, generous, patient, kind and responsible. These women were truly angels, escorting my mom through her final weeks with compassion and expertise. They saw their work not as a job, but as a calling, and helped my mom feel more at ease as she prepared to depart this world. They were with her in her last hours -- my mom slipped away peacefully one afternoon, after enjoying a big breakfast that morning. Although I was sad I could not be there with her at the moment of her departure, I was comforted by knowing that she was in such good hands with her caregiver, who was in close communication with hospice and us -- both by phone and in person -- those final days. It does cost more to work through an agency, but my mom was hugely fortunate to have the resources to do this. It is especially helpful to have the agency deal with all the HR issues, insurance, and scheduling. For example, during the holidays, they lined up substitute caregivers for staff who wanted to be with their families for Christmas. Providing 24-hour care for an elder is an enormous undertaking, and it really does take a village. By having this service (rather than cobbling together privately hired caregivers, or trying to do it ourselves), we were able to spend quality time with my mom in the final months of her life, and also have time to deal with the many other aspects of caregiving, including medical, financial and legal coordination. I would highly recommend Best Home Care, with the provision that you be open to communicating and making adjustments (especially in the first month or so). It's also helpful if you can let them know what kind of criteria and personality might facilitate a good match -- for example, does your loved one enjoy conversing a lot, or do they prefer a more low-key personality who is not always talking? Best Home Care's services helped make a hard time much easier, and we feel lucky that we were able to work with them.

    orchid fan


    March 27, 2017

    I am a current client of this provider

    We have used Best Home Care for a little over a year for my mother who has various joint and mobility issues. Mike and his staff make a very big effort in finding a good caregiver match. Mike has been available on weekends and evenings which we really appreciate. We have been through a few different caregivers, but currently have someone who is very caring, helpful, and nurturing. She documents what she does each time, and how my mom is doing (how much she eats, how often she uses the restroom, what activities they do together etc.) which is helpful for me to see when I visit. On days when our regular caregiver is unable to come, they make a big effort to find a replacement if needed. My family has been very satisfied with their service and care.



    May 1, 2016

    I am a past client of this provider

    Through Best Home Care, we had three different caregivers, rotating to help with my 52 year old husband with Alzheimer's. All of them were kind, reliable, and conscientious. They either provided in-home day care (such as helping with his personal care, taking him and our dogs on walks, companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping) or overnight care (primarily to ensure that someone was sleeping there in case he awakened), while I had to tend to either work or other family members outside the home. All of them were respectful and communicated well, so that I knew how he was doing, and he enjoyed their company. I had used several other agencies before, and found Best Home Care to truly live up to their name. Their staff that handles billing and scheduling is also excellent. My husband had to move to a different location, so we no longer needed their services. However, if I ever need a caregiver again for a family member, I would certainly use them!



    April 13, 2016

    I am a current client of this provider

    Thank you for providing personal caregiver services for my father over the last month or so. The 3 or 4 caregivers all did excellent work! A special "thank you" to Darlene who went above and way beyond helping to straighten his old apartment and then get him situated in his new one!! I will definitely use your services in the future if needed. Thank you!



    January 30, 2016

    I am a current client of this provider

    BHC is very responsive & flexible. Their staff are caring & compassionate. Some of the staff intuitively knew how to be most effective. I will not hesitate to recommend their service.

    P. Mejica


    June 8, 2015

    I am/was a resident of this facility

    Our caregiver was always prompt, if not early. She was energetic and treated my mother with kindness and care providing for her as if she was a family member. We received several visits and phone calls from the manager of Best Home Care to check on things. Would still have them if my mom's health declines.



    May 28, 2015

    I am a current client of this provider

    Mike went out of his way to meet with us initially at the hospital and then acted quickly to meet our needs at home. Most of the time, we were not able to give him much advance notice of scheduling his caretakers. Quality of staff was mostly good-excellent -- all very caring. Levels of experience and confidence varied.



    May 24, 2015

    I am a past client of this provider

    The agency has been very responsive to our needs, especially during the time my father was in hospice. We especially appreciate the care provided by May, who has shown tremendous care and compassion.



    May 16, 2015

    I am a past client of this provider

    I think I have used Best Home Care for just a week. The caregivers were very good. They were very patient and very caring, and they attended to my needs and to my wants. They try to deal with them in that way. They were very helpful in all different types of situations, and they seem to be quite knowledgeable.



    December 12, 2014

    I am a past client of this provider

    Best Home Care provided very caring individuals that were very attentive and on time

    O-town D


    October 30, 2014

    I am a current client of this provider

    In Nov 2013 our mom suffered multiple transient strokes and the family was in need of qualified personnel to tend to her health/recovery needs around the clock. Very good friends of ours referred us to Best Home Care, an agency they had used for their own mother with great results. I called Best and spoke to Mike who was extremely helpful in arranging for caregiving services almost immediately - two ladies who take turns staying in the home with Mom 24/7. In the months that have followed our family has come to greatly appreciate the attention, compassion, and expertise Best caregivers provide for our mother, and we now consider them more as members of the family rather than 'hired help.' Both ladies are easy to communicate with, and are quite accommodating/understanding whenever the rare adjustment needs to be made. Best caregivers have been instrumental in reducing the stress/worry levels in our family as we strive to make Mom comfortable and rehabilitate her at the same time, and we are grateful to Mike and Best for their partnership in these difficult circumstances.

    Debra H


    September 20, 2013

    I am a current client of this provider

    We were nervous about hiring in-home caregivers to take care of my 85-year-old mother after she had triple bypass surgery, suffered a mini-stroke and fell several times. For the better part of a year, she was in and out of facilities. We made the decision to return her home with a live-in caregiver. I cried the first night we left her alone with a stranger. But it soon became apparent that Best Home Care workers are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and caring. The management of Best Home Care worked with us to find two live-in caregivers who were compatible with my mom and patient in taking care of her needs. We have found the caregivers to be reliable -- they show up on time and are ready to work. One caregiver starts where the other caregiver leaves off for a seemless transition. They assist my mother with every aspect of care she needs: from cooking her meals, to walking her around her residential community to keep her excerised, dressing her, bathing her, assisting with the restroom, giving her medicine, accompanying her to special events at the complex, helping her into my car, accompanying us on outings, making the grocery list, preparing the laundry, and doing light cleaning around her apartment that they maintain in a very organized fashion. Each accompanies my mom to the restroom in the middle of the night because she is a fall risk, one of the main reasons for hiring caregivers. Overall, we are very happy with Best Home Care's services and are very glad we hired them to care for my mom so that we can go about our lives, keep working and maintain a big picture outlook on her care. I'm glad we were able to keep my mom in her own home instead of placing her in another facility. After looking at several, including "board and care homes," we did not feel she would receive the individualized care there she needs and would be one in a herd of elderly people vying for attention of stressed out care workers. Now she gets her shower when she wants it. She does not wait to be helped to the restroom. She eats the food she wants to eat when she wants to eat it. She wakes on her own schedule and goes to bed when she wants. She has her own belongings around her that she is familiar with. She has returned to her routine that is so important to her. Working with Best Home Care made this possible and turned a very scary and stressful situation into something manageable and much more pleasant. I recommend Best Home Care to those looking for qualified caregiver services. My brother and I were unprepared for the level of stress that would fall upon us in taking care of my mom, but hiring Best Home Care was a good decision.



    September 9, 2013

    I am a current client of this provider

    We found our caregiver, Juliet, to be very caring and resourceful of May's needs. She is an excellent cook and food shopper. She voluntarily vacuumed our carpets and laundry on a weekly basis. Since we were on a 24/7 caretaker basis, Juliet did not complain when her relief was late due to traffic congestion. The one thing I appreciated what Juliet did most was to keep a detailed written journal of May's daily activities so we could compared May's improvement week by week. As May continued to improve physically and mentally, Juliet causally mentioned that May wouldn't need a caretaker full time anymore soon. I was a bit worried that I would have to cut Juliet's hours at some time, and I really appreciate her bring up the subject of reduced hours. Needless to say, We would highly recommend Juliet as a caregiver from your company.



    July 13, 2013

    I am a past client of this provider

    My family employed the services of two care-givers from Best Home Care for a period of six years to provide in-home care for our elderly parents; my father, initially recuperating from hip replacement surgery and my mother who had progressive Alzheimer’s disease. During that period of time the caregivers managed the house, organized and carried out the shopping, served as chauffer, cleaned the house, washed the laundry on a daily basis, cooked the meals and took care of our parents on a 24-hour schedule. The caregivers were always pleasant, cheerful and very respectful. They were also extremely reliable. As both of our parents chose to remain at home rather than going to the hospital during their final days, they both became medically complicated cases who required careful daily nursing care. The caregivers managed their medications and vitamin supplements, carefully organizing their morning, noon, and evening doses at the beginning of each week. Both of our parents became incontinent as they declined. The caregivers also managed these issues, cleaning and clothing them in a meticulous and professional manner. The caregivers also supervised the daily morning exercises for both of my parents. Both of the caregivers were responsible for recording the vital signs of my parents at least three times per day. These included blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and oxygen saturation measured with a finger oximeter. Later the monitoring for my father also included monthly urine samples (delivered to a testing lab), and blood sugar levels. These procedures and this careful monitoring by the caregivers enabled us to forestall pneumonia and urinary tract infections on several instances through timely administration of antibiotics. In sum, the level of care provided by the caregivers from Best Home Care was exceptional; both of the caregivers were talented, cheerful and caring individuals with a broad range of nursing and domestic skills and experience. They were both much loved by both my mother and father. To have the support of the services provided by Best Home Care embodied by the caring, compassionate services of the caregivers made the final years with our parents so much brighter. Our family recommends Best Home Care with the greatest enthusiasm.



    May 13, 2013

    I am a current client of this provider

    Not well trained - reliable but limited on abilities

    Provider Response

    Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience with our agency. We truly value the relationships we have made with all our clients over the years. On behalf of our entire staff we are truly sorry for the negative experience you had with our caregivers. One of our goals is to always match our clients with caregivers that truly understand and are capable of providing for their needs. If we have fallen short of this goal please let us know. We are always open to ideas on how we can do better. We would welcome the opportunity to communicate with you. Please call or send us an email so we can discuss and make sure you are receiving the care that is just right for you. Thank you.

    daddy 23


    August 4, 2012

    I am a past client of this provider

    I have used Best Home Care for almost a yr. The care was for my father who suffered from conjestive heart failure. Best was always there to provide professional help when we needed it the most. Our caregivers were polite, and respectful. Always checking in with me, to see how they could further help. I would recommend Best Home Care to anyone who needs some assistance. I also would use Best again in the future. Blessings Yvonne

    The Lee Family


    December 13, 2011

    I am a past client of this provider

    Caring, helpful and excellent caregivers for my mom. The BEST HOME CARE staff went beyond the call of duty.

    Alex & Dora


    December 3, 2011

    I am a current client of this provider

    We have been clients of BEST for over a year. The caregivers provided are of high quality and the support from Mike has been terrific. We appreciate their reliability and flexibility.

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