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Energy Foods

5 Foods That Fight Fatigue

By , Caring.com contributing editor
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If you ever feel lethargic or fatigued after you eat, you're eating the wrong foods. It's that simple. The trick is to choose foods that release energy more slowly and give you a gradual boost of long-lasting energy -- and to stay away from high-glycemic foods (that is, foods mainly made with white flour, sugar, or other simple carbohydrates) that deliver an immediate, short-lived boost but ultimately leave you feeling sluggish and tired.

Eating the right foods is especially important if you're already feeling fatigued due to the stress of a hectic lifestyle, whether it stems from physical, mental, or emotional overexertion. After all, fatigue isn't just a nuisance; if ignored, it can become chronic and put you at increased risk for disease.

But here's a tip: You can fight fatigue, and you can do it with every bite you eat. These five foods fit the bill and then some, as they're also easily digested and rich in nutrients that are essential to helping your body convert food into energy.