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Assisted Living Reviews for Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

August 07, 2018

By NeedforChange

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My parent has been in this location for a while now and I am frustrated that nothing is being done about the employee turnover rate, the lack of training for new caregivers, the lack of trust the employees have in the new Executive Director, and the basic lack of communication between the caregivers and the head office. There are only 6 cottages, so you would think that the communication about residents, or even work orders for the maintenance staff would be impeccable, but they aren’t. Feedback is also not well received and the only way actions are taken is if someone contacts the corporate office, or writes a review. Moving my parent is not an option, so I just hope we can get these issues figured out. My parent enjoys the community and the caregivers. I am willing to work with anyone to help fix these problems. Partnership and open, transparent communication is key.
Provider Response
Please reach out to us when you can so we can address this situation directly. Thank you and have a great day.

March 29, 2018

By Pam

I visited this facility

Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood had memory care cottages, but I didn't care for it because they didn't have private showers. Their apartments were like small studio apartments with a community kitchen and no private showers or kitchenettes. I saw the residents sitting around the community table doing bingo. The staff was pleasant, and the marketing gal was great. I was so impressed with her.
Provider Response
Hi Pam, thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience. We are disappointed to hear that you are not satisfied with your visit. We appreciate you bringing this experience to our attention. If you are willing to give us another chance we would like to speak with you, please contact us. Thank you and have a nice day.

October 30, 2017

By Pamela

I visited this facility

Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood was more assisted living and I didn't care for that too much at all. They give the residents one shower a week and if you want more, you have to pay for them. You have to use the same shower seat as everybody else. The rooms were nice, but the bathrooms had no shower. You have to use a community shower and then you only get one of those a week. You had to pay for anything more. The dining area was OK. They were renovating the place and the one room they had renovated was nice. The staff seemed to be OK. The common rooms were nice.
Provider Response
Pamela, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback about your experience with us. We'd like the opportunity to discuss your review, so if you're willing, please contact our Executive Director.

May 10, 2016


I visited this facility

Brookdale Lynnwood was excellent with wonderful staff. All of the rooms were nice and clean. All in all, it was a 10. I spent less than an hour there, but everything seemed great. They had a lot of art activities, playing cards, and bingo. If I had to pick one, I like Brookdale over the other facility I saw.
Provider Response

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us this positive 5 star review. We appreciate it!

May 10, 2016

By Rollie P.GPTEY

I visited this facility

Brookdale Lynnwood looked nice. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was a little bit cheaper, in a great location, and had a lot of activities.
Provider Response

Thanks for the feedback, Rollie P. We strive to provide excellent service to our residents and their familes at Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood.

February 26, 2016

By Cathy A.

I visited this facility

I went to Brookdale Lynnwood and met with the sales manager. My father and I went in and had a really nice lunch there. They had memory care cottages on the same site but those were secure. That was something that we haven’t found at other places. The rooms were small, though. Also, my father wasn’t too sure about the fact that he couldn’t have a shower in his bathroom. There was a shared shower in the cottage, and you just make arrangements for your shower times. That was a concern. The thing I like about it is that I thought it felt more homey with the living area where 10 residents could hang out together. It seemed very comfortable to me. My only drawbacks were the small room and the fact that it didn’t have a shower in it. As far as the care, it was great. I could see my dad in this place.
Provider Response

We'd like the opportunity to discuss your review, so if you're willing, please contact our Executive Director at (425) 329-3541. We hope to hear from you to resolve this matter.

October 28, 2015

By Anonymous114485850

I visited this facility

The staff was wonderful, very sweet; both the professionals and entry-level caregivers seemed very nice, very sweet, and caring. The rooms looked fine. Brookdale Lynnwood seemed well-suited for what they were offering. One thing that didn't work for us was that my husband is 70 years old and most of the people who were there were at least 80 years old, so they looked much older than my husband. It didn’t feel comfortable to put him there with people who were so much older. They just seemed very caring and, as far as I can tell from just being there for an hour, they really care about their residents and were treating them with respect.
Provider Response
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate it & thank you for your review.

August 30, 2015

By Terri37

I visited this facility

My mother is in assisted living, and she is happy there. It is Brookdale Lynnwood, and I like that it is more of a house situation. There are like 7 or 8 cottages with 10 residents per cottage. I like that they have weekly activities, and they take the residents on a bus ride. There is a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room per cottage, so it is really nice to have more like a house because that is what seniors are more comfortable with; most of the time they've lived in a home, and having to move to an apartment is really a dramatic change, so this has worked really well for her. I would definitely recommend them. They are studio bedrooms with a bathroom, not a shower, and just adequate. My mother has a couch and a recliner that fit in her bedroom with a twin-bed, and of course closet space, space for a dresser, and a TV; so it is adequate. They have been in transition because they used to be Emeritus, and they are still developing to have adequate caregivers per time, and sometimes there is only one caregiver in the cottage, so they need to work on that.
Provider Response
Thank you for leaving this detailed review about your experience with our community. We appreciate it.

July 31, 2015

By Jim111617150

I visited this facility

I like the set up. There were several cottages. The clients could move between the cottages at walk-out doors. We had a meal with them so we could actually see what the foods that the tenants have, and we did appreciate that. The food was good too.
Provider Response
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate it & thank you for your review.

June 28, 2015

By Caring107502050

I visited this facility

It just was too small, and I just felt like you were in jail. When I walked in, the lady that was in the kitchen -- and everything -- seemed a little put out. Everything seemed very clean. I just didn't have a good feeling about it.
Provider Response
Caring107502050, it's upsetting to hear that your experience was anything but stellar.

April 07, 2015

By Barbara103932950

I visited this facility

I liked Brookdale Lynnwood. It had a nice studio apartment that I thought mom would be comfortable in, but it's private pay only. So, once you ran out of money, you'd have to move again. It was fenced, and it had walkways to go between the buildings, so residents were allowed to walk around the courtyard, but they can't get out.

December 06, 2014

By Helen98176350

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is in the memory care unit of Emeritus at Lynnwood. It has been kind of up and down. I get very frustrated because when I'm not there, I am thinking that they might figure all the things they are supposed to as well, but I think this is probably true with most of them, unfortunately. But she is eating, she is clean, and she is safer there than when she was in her home. She has a private room and private bath, and they have a common dining area, a kitchen, and a little living area where they can watch television and stuff. It is small, there are two memory care cottages, and then there are only ten rooms in each cottage. Part of why I chose it is because it is small, and they have a good staff ratio. They have some staff that had been there for quite a while. It is OK. Actually, the food is pretty awesome. They have a big assisted living as well as these two memory care cottages, and so they always have nurses on the staff. I can call the nurses at anytime to see how she is doing as well their CNAs, and there are LPNs as well. They have good care. They have music and a little party once a month, the people in the assisted living part all made cookies, and they had some school group that did trick or treat and costumes and all that. Then, they had some kind of a cowboy thing when I was there on Labor Day, and then on Veteran's Day, they had a little sing-a-long and stuff like that. They can play cards, read newspaper, or have their little coffee newspaper time. They have a calendar every month of all the activities; they do have a lot of stuff going on. Most of the staff members are good, and there are a few with whom my mom relates to a lot better than others.

January 31, 2014

By Tim15

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Mom is now at Emeritus at Lynnwood. It's a smaller facility. It's not a big place where she would not get the care that she needs. We chose them because they have better care there. They have small cottages with 10 people in each one. Each cottage has care providers and a nurse for the residents there. I like the fact that because there's small individual communities (small cottages), they could give closer care to their residents. For accommodation, my mom has a private room and it's good enough for what she needs. They also have lots of activities for them. They have activities where individual cottages kind of compete against each other. Like for Halloween they had pumpkin-carving contest and stuff like that. Every month, they have some different for them to do. They even have a lady that goes around and does arts and craft with them. The staff's work ethic is great. The caregivers are great. They're really friendly and they're always there when my mom needs them. However, I'm not happy with the management. Their food is really good. They have a cook onsite and they cook their own food.

January 29, 2014

By Dianne15

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is at Emeritus at Lynnwood since the 1st of November. I chose this place because I like the cottage layout and the facility itself is very nice. They only have 10 residents in each cottage and there in a caregiver in each cottage all the time. She has one bedroom with its own bathroom. The staff/caregivers are just really terrific. They are very caring and patient and they really took good care of her. The nursing staff is good. They stay on top of things for any concerns. She has had a couple of UTI's and they attended to that quickly. I ate there one night and the food was fine. My mother is a very picky eater, but she has not complained about the food. Their activity is pretty much every day activities like they play bingo and they also have a little bowling game. They do arts and crafts and some card games. They can also go shopping. They have little parties where they can come down at the community center. There are lots of activities for them to engage in. I would highly recommend this place.

October 29, 2013

By Caring68438650

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I hated Emeritus. They would just tell you exactly what you want to hear and then that's not what's actually happening. Aside from that, the management staff is changing all the time, which is a serious problem. The communication amongst themselves and the communication with their residents' loved ones have been terrible. The activities director at Lynwood probably was the only really good staff there and their activities were great. After they evaluated my dad, they said it would probably take like a year or two before they have to move him over to their memory care facility. However, within two weeks, they moved him there and they never called me previously to say that he had wandered or anything like that. They just moved him and raised his rate within two weeks. My feeling is if you are qualified to evaluate these people, you should be a little closer on in your evaluation. Also when they immediately raised his rate, they told me then about Veterans Aid and Attendance, so I immediately got on it, but In less than 4 months, they started threatening me with evicting him. I went to pick my dad once and I found him absolutely and completely soaking wet and the chair he was sitting in was soaking wet as well. Apparently, one of the aides there took his diaper off and forgot to put a new one on him. My dad rarely had his own things in his room. They're supposed to wash each individual resident's stuff by themselves so it wouldn't get mixed up with anybody else's, but his stuff gets mixed up all the time. A month ago, we finally took a little vacation and I called my dad about it. I also gave them my emergency phone number to the receptionist thinking she'll give it to the nurse or to the proper people. I got home three days later and there were two messages for two different days on my home phone saying they were out of drugs! They never called me on the number I gave them just to say anything. As a whole, they need to improve on honesty and integrity. They also need to communicate well amongst themselves as well as with the resident's loved ones.

October 05, 2012

By Harry2

I visited this facility

Emeritus at Lynwood is very clean, well-kept, the grounds are landscaped beautifully, and the nurses are spectacular. Their offer depends upon how much care you need. They're excellent.
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Memory Care Reviews for Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

Questions about Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

What ongoing training does the staff receive in dementia care?

Dementia care training starts at orientation and continues throughout the staffs’ tenure. Onboarding includes 26 hours of Dementia and Assisted Living care training with 3 – 5 days of hands-on training. Ongoing training is comprised of computer-based learning (8 additional hours per year); hands-on live classroom training (4 hours per year); and monthly in-service events led by the registered nurse, executive director, or a third party vendor.

Describe the overall population of assisted living residents at Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood. What is their average age? What are their favorite things to do?

Pacifica Lynnwood has an active group of residents. With the range of ages from mid 60's up to 100, we have a diverse group where everyone is welcome. The community has multiple outings to nearby restaurants or special musical performances that are always a big hit. In addition, Pacifica Lynnwood hosts a happy hour and ice cream social!

What programs or activities does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood offer to enrich residents' well-being?

There are multiple special musical performances as well as outings to the nearby surroundings. We frequent local restaurants for meals and live performances. We are an active group of residents and work with those living at Pacifica Lynnwood to integrate any activity they would like to explore.

What places are near Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood or within walking distance for assisted living residents to enjoy?

Nestled just off of highway 99 in a residential area, we are a short walk away from stores like Safeway, Hallmark, Hobby Lobby, and Starbucks. In addition, we are only a few minutes drive from Alderwood Shopping district.

What transportation services does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood offer to assisted living residents?

Pacifica offers trips to local shopping centers, restaurants, attractions, medical appointments and more.

What makes the chef or dining program at Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood exceptional? What kind of menu can assisted living residents expect?

Dining is family-style dining allowing for great conversations and relationship-building over good food and laughs. Meals are homemade with several choices and delicious items like made from scratch soups and fresh fruits and veggies.

What safety features or security measures does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood offer to assisted living residents?

All residents are provided with a personal alert button. Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood provides staffing 24/7. Our cottage-style living ensures there's always a representative close by to assist our residents.

How does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood keep residents' families informed about their loved ones?

Our care team is always in communication with families on how their loved one is doing. Regular scheduled assessments and wellness updates are communicated to our families routinely.

What is the care staff-to-resident ratio at Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood during daytime and nighttime hours?

Due to our unique set up of cottage style living we are truly focused on the residents. We have 1 staff member per cottage with a maximum number of residents being 10 residents per cottage. We also have 2 licensed nurses and other ancillary staff, such as kitchen, maintenance, and administration personnel.

If Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood accepts dogs or cats, what indoor/outdoor areas can they enjoy?

We do accept pets (proof of licensing, vaccinations, and a mild temperament required) and allow them in most indoor/outdoor spaces with the exception of the kitchen areas and in common spaces during special events.

What ongoing senior care training does the staff receive?

At Pacifica, we are constantly learning new techniques to provide our residents with the highest level of person-centered care. Some examples of care programming are: Mental Health & Dementia Specialty Training, Transfer Assistance Training, Behavior Problem Solving Training, Food Safety Training, CPR, First Aid and more. We typically host several classes throughout the month, and offer refresher training courses during monthly All-Staff Meetings.

How many staffers are on duty in the daytime and overnight?

During the day, our staff includes a 2 licensed nurses, a med tech, 2 caregivers per cottage, and other ancillary staff, such as kitchen, maintenance, and administration personnel. Our overnight staff is comprised of a med tech, a caregiver per cottage, and a nurse on-call.

What safety features or security measures does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood provide to protect residents who wander?

Our Memory Care section has a higher staffing ratio and also provides cottage style living in a smaller, person-centered care setting. The Legacies Memory Care Neighborhood is safely tucked away in a fully fenced, gated exit alarm equipped section of the community.

What programs or activities does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood offer to keep residents engaged? How does the staff engage residents' long-term memories?

Pacifica Senior Living offers a robust activities program staffed by an activities director and an activities assistant. Group activities including, but limited to, exercise, gardening, movies, baking, putting golf, and singing are scheduled seven days a week. Additionally, individual one-on-one activities, such as manicures and jewelry making, are ongoing throughout the day. Long-term memories are engaged through activities specific for long-term stimulation and reminiscing with memory books. Other activities include, but are not limited to, live music, dance groups, birthday parties, dance parties, ice cream parties, and holiday parties.

Who assesses residents' health and cognitive functioning? How often is that assessment repeated?

Each resident is assessed by the nurse every 90 days. After the resident has had his/her assessment, a care conference is scheduled with the family/Power of Attorney and resident to meet with the executive director, registered nurse, and activities director.

What techniques does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood use to support memory care residents during mealtimes?

As Pacifica Senior Living practices individual person-centered care, techniques vary per resident and are meant to be independent appropriate.

How does Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood keep residents' families informed about their loved ones' health?

The Care Conference, scheduled every 90 days, is the most formal communication with families regarding a loved one’s health. However, Pacifica Senior Living maintains an up-to-date Facebook and distributes a monthly newsletter with a wealth of information regarding the community and its residents.

Describe the neighborhood around Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood. Is it located in a residential neighborhood, a business district, a rural setting, or other type of locale?

Pacifica Lynnwood is nestled in a residential area just off of highway 99. We are minutes away from the Alderwood Shopping District and several local grocery stores and shopping.

Is Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood affiliated with a hospital if more care is needed?

Although Pacifica Senior Living does not have a corporate affiliation with a hospital, our community works closely with all Hospitals that are nearby.

Costs for Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

Cost of Assisted Living

$ 1,234

Starting Price

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Cost of Memory Care

$ 1,234

Starting Price

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Photos of Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

Services and Amenities of Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood


  • Rent Plus Care Fees
  • Entry Fee
  • Assisted Living Starting At: $3125/month
  • Memory Care Starting At: $3195/month

Room and housing options

  • Companion Suites: We Offer Companion Suites
  • Studio Apartments


  • Resident Capacity: 72
  • Minimum Age: None
  • Pets: Small Pets Allowed


  • State Licenses: 2371

About Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

We look forward to caring for you or a loved one. Rest assured that every amenity we offer was created to meet your unique needs, whether they exist now or develop over time. Your peace of mind is our most important priority, and we endeavor to provide all the comforts of home for you or your loved one. We look forward to becoming an extension of your family.

What Makes Us Special

We have a cute community of 7 cottages. 4 of our cottages are set up for assisted living, 2 of our cottages are set up for memory care, and we have one large community cottage that we use weekly for larger events for our residents.

Map of Pacifica Senior Living Lynnwood

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