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Nursing Home Reviews for Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center

August 16, 2018

By newyorkmom

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband has been a resident at Plantation Bay for several years now. and in that time l must say that l have had very little minor issues in the past and when brought up in their care plan meetings l see how it has been nipped in the butt there and then. There's also a lot to say about a nursing home as you walk in and it doesn't smell like a nursing home, always has a clean smell, always clean. As you walk in... you're greeted with a welcoming smile by the front desk greeter ADMINISTRATIVE ! They are trained very well in people skills. they help you with any issues concerns you may have NURSES ! you have a concern about your loved one or an issue? they see to it that it is taken care of. CNA! My husband maybe difficult at times and hard to please being so particular, but the CNA'S always find a way of keeping him happy..... kudos to you! If l have left anyone out so sorry, l think you are all awesome and doing an impressive job. Thankyou for keeping not only my husband happy.... but me too.. Sincerely Esther Maldonado

March 16, 2018

By Terilyn2

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My Mother was in this facility on 2 occasions. The care and compassion provided to her each time was amazing. The staff kept me informed at all times of her progress both with her health condition and her therapy goals. My gained both strength and confidence to go back home and live independently. Thank you to the great staff, nursing, therapy, house keeping, activities and dietary for all the kind compassionate care you provided to my mother.

March 11, 2018

By Seiler Family


I visited Plantation Bay Rehab Center in St. Cloud. I was looking to transfer my husband from another facility located in Winter Park. I was met by the staff upon entry. Shortly afterward, I was given a guided tour of the entire facility. Everyone was very hospitable. The facility has a lot of large windows, very important in a nursing home and also important for the patient well being, they don’t feel closed in. I was so happy that Plantation Bay doesn’t have that smell associated with most nursing homes. After visiting many places, I decided my husband would be happy here. The private room is very cozy. They made every attempt to make him feel at home, and that’s not easy. They also gave me permission to have a recliner brought in to this facility for him. Making the room, feel like his own. Most importantly, they let me bring my husbands baby (dog) into the place, which made him happy. He was home sick, after being in a hospital for 37 days and was missing her so much. I did read all the reviews, good and bad. However I decided to go check this place out and I’m so glad I did. I would recommend this place for sure. Every nursing/rehab place is going to have issues, they are only human. From what I had seen they learn from past mistakes and they are trying very hard. The staff is wonderful and friendly. The place is clean. The only thing I can say bad. the meals are not consistent with what the food tray slips say, but the staff is willing to do what they can to correct it. As we all know, food is never like a home cooked meal. The dining areas and all the common areas were all very well done. Thank you all at Plantation Bay for all you do. Mrs. Robert Seiler

April 11, 2017

By Mary207118

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband was in rehab in Plantation Bay. It was a good facility that was locked down, so they could deal with Alzheimer's. The staff was excellent. There were little confusions once in a while, but other than that, things were pretty good. While he was in there, he received the level of care he was supposed to get. It was a newer facility and fairly well care for. It was a little institutionalized.

February 02, 2017

By Leticia603230

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom was at Plantation Bay Rehab Center. The place was clean, and the food was good. The night shift gave me a bad impression, but the staff was proactive and told me that they are going to take action. They had a lot of activities and a salon that fixed the hair for their patients. They also had bingo, exercise lectures, and even karaoke.

November 29, 2015

By Steve116041250

I visited this facility

The staff of Plantation Bay met me upon entry and gave me a guided tour of the entire facility. They were very informative and very hospitable. The rooms were very well done and very tastefully put together. The amenities were great, too. I had a chance to interact with some of the residents there as well, and they seemed very happy with the services. The dining areas and all the common areas were all very well done.

November 22, 2015

By Ushakitty

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother was at this facility. It is newer and cleaner than most in the area. The rehab team is great and really go above and beyond. The nursing staff is ok. They are friendly and nice but very limited on what they do for patients. For the most part I have only ever seen them dispense medication. Everything else in terms of patient care is left to the CNA's to do. Most of the aids are also very pleasant and helpful. They are taxed with way to much to do and far to many patients to attend making it difficult for them to attend each patients needs effectively. This is not the their fault but that of administration. Here are some of the cons: The facility is way too warm. They seem to systematically shut down the air conditioning during the daytime in the rooms. This is not good especially with Florida heat. There is little to no communication between the attending Doctor and patients. Meals are not consistent with what the food tray slips say. The noise levels are way to high for patients to get proper rest. The screaming patients who wander the halls and the constant loud beeping is enough to drive anyone crazy. The facility is not bad but still in need of improvements.

June 18, 2015

By mymotherscaretaker


This is a mixed review of this facility and I will begin with the positives. I commend the admissions coordinator for working diligently to get my mother into Plantation Bay as this was not an easy task. I was very pleased with the efforts made by the admissions coordinator and would like to say she is a very lovely and friendly lady. The daytime front desk lady is also very nice, friendly and warm and she works very hard at what she does. I never got to meet the Social Services coordinator but did speak to her on the phone and she too is very nice, friendly and personable. The facility is a very nice, very clean and modern facility even though the phone system is antiquated. There doesn't seem to be a way to leave a voice mail message for anyone and the front desk people have to always take a message. The facility has a lot of large windows and I believe this is very important in a nursing home and also, it doesn't have that smell associated with most nursing homes I've been inside of. Now for the negative. My mother was at the facility for ten days for respite care so that I could take a very much needed break. My mother has end stage dementia, she cannot walk nor can she stand up on her own. My mother is unable to ask for what she wants and needs and she is unable to express her feelings. The very first afternoon when I took my mother to the facility, the admissions coordinator was gone for the day and no one seemed to know what room my mother was supposed to be in. Someone finally took us to the room and almost immediately, the CNA tried to put my mother into bed. It wasn't time for my mom to go to bed and when I asked the CNA why she was trying to put my mom in bed, the CNA became insulted and huffed out of the room. This is the way it started out and it went downhill from there. The evening nurse however was very nice and we sat down and went over everything pertaining to my mother. I asked that my mother be fed dinner so the CNA brought my mom a tray. I apologized to the CNA for being short with her and all was good after that. I put my mother's things away and went home. I returned the very next day to sign papers with the admissions coordinator then went to see my mom. Before I went in however, I received a call from the day nurse telling me that my mother had fallen out of her wheelchair but she wasn't injured. I told the nurse to put her seat belt on and I was told that they aren't allowed to restrict the patients/residents. Soooo... I suppose it's alright to allow them to fall out of their wheelchairs and split their heads open? When I went to the facility and after signing the papers I went to see my mother and saw that the seat belt was locked around her waist. I then went to her room and saw that she only had one thin blanket on her bed and her bed was right next to the air conditioning unit. I asked for more blankets and was assured she would get them but she never did even after I called numerous times requesting them. The weekend came and I went to see my mother again and to get her laundry. I had provided plenty of clothes for her but for some reason there were a lot of dirty clothes in the closet. I noticed an entire bag of clothes missing. Not dirty but completely gone. I inquired about the bag but no one seemed to know what I was talking about. Great. I looked at the supplies I had taken to the facility originally for my mother and noticed that they hadn't been touched. My mother wears a pad in her diaper all of the time because she is incontinent but none of the pads had been used. I also brought a certain number of denture tablets to use in the denture cup and they were all still there, none missing. The toothbrush and toothpaste was in the exact same spot where I had left them and I know they had not been used on my mother. I spoke to the nurse about this and I spoke to the CNA about this but no one would take responsibility and no one would give me any answers. I asked if and when my mother had been bathed and again, no one seemed to know. I returned to the facility the very next day with my mother's clean laundry and again asked these very same questions and again, no answers. I took my mom to the day area and while sitting with her I noticed that her face was red and when I felt her, she was hot. I notified the nurse who attempted to take my mother's temperature but couldn't for some reason. We took my mom to her room and put her to bed, the nurse put a cold cloth on my mom's head and told the CNA to take her temperature. (?) The nurse gave my mom some Tylenol and as it turned out, my mom had a fever. My mother only gets a fever for two reasons. She either has a cold which she didn't have OR, she has a urinary tract infection. I have been my mother's caregiver for six years and I know when she has a UTI. I'm sure she had one. The nurse assured me she would send my mother's urine out to the lab to be tested. This never happened as I found out the day my mom left. No urinalysis done and no antibiotics given. Again I asked about the bag of clothes and after about an hour, the manager on duty approached me and said she found it in an office. She told me she couldn't give it to me however and I would have to return on Monday to get it. I wasn't allowed to take the shirts that I paid for. Why not? The shirts I brought are long sleeve t-shirts with the ends of the sleeves sewn shut. My mother wears them to bed and they are sewn shut because my mom on occasion, digs in her diaper at night and creates a huge bio-hazard mess. Sewing the sleeves prevents this from happening. The facility would not allow my mother to wear her night shirts because they claim that it restricts the patient/resident. Soooo... restrict the patient/resident from digging feces out of their pants but allow them to wear a thin hospital gown so they CAN dig in the feces out of their pants, smear it all over the place and possibly put it in their mouths. (?) Another odd restriction they have over there is a no-bib policy. My mother is a messy eater and she wears a bib at home to protect her clothes from being soiled and stained with food. Because of the no-bib policy, every one of my mother's tops are stained. The reason for the no-bib policy is to protect the patient/resident's dignity.'s okay for the patient/resident to have food stains all over their clothes, chunks of food all down their shirts and this does what for their dignity? So far I learned about three of their restrictive policies. No seat belts, no restrictive clothing and no bibs. There is no telling what other policies they have. Okay so yesterday was my mom's last day at the facility and prior to picking her up I called over there and asked if they would give my mom a bath and wash her hair. This wasn't done. When I went over to the facility and saw my mother, she was sitting in her wheelchair in her room facing the window. I smelled her hair and it did not smell like her shampoo. It smelled dirty. I packed up my mother's belongings and while doing so, took an inventory of her things. My mom has to be catheterized twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to prevent UTI's. I brought enough catheters for ten days plus two. Almost all of them were still there. I also once again looked at the denture tablets and all of the ones I brought ten days prior were still there, never opened. The toothbrush and toothpaste were still in the same exact position where I had left it. My mom is under Hospice care and they provided an ambulance to take my mother home for me. While waiting, I signed my mom out, signed for her medications, etc. and asked the nurse about my mother's urine test. He didn't know anything about it and after looking in the computer and even calling the lab he told me that the test was never ordered. Nice. Fast forward to my mother at home: After my mom got home I took her to her bedroom and undressed her to give her a much needed bath and to wash her stinky hair. I discovered that my mother had bruises on the toes on her right foot which is odd because my mom can't walk nor stand up. There is also a big red and blue bruise above her left elbow which I suppose happened when the facility lost the arm pad on her wheelchair. Under my mother's left breast is a very red, very 'angry' looking, weeping open rash that I am sure is painful. I took photos of all of these things. Later on that evening when I put my mom to bed for the night I had her take out her dentures like she has done for years. OH.MY.GOD. Words cannot describe just how disgusting my mom's dentures were. They were SO bad that I threw up a little in my own mouth. I am glad I had on gloves because they were so slimy they would have slipped out of my hand. My mother's dentures were completely CAKED with food, they were covered in some whitish color slime and the smell simply gagged me. It took me quite a while to brush and sanitize my mom's dentures and it only proved that NO ONE in that facility had EVER removed my mother's dentures. I knew they hadn't soaked them because as I said, none of the denture tablets were used. I was absolutely horrified at what was on those dentures and I feared looking at my mother's natural teeth she has. It was worse than I had imagined. Her teeth were just as bad if not worse than the dentures. I felt so sorry for my mother for being so neglected at the hands of people who are BEING PAID to take care of people like my mom. I feel sorry for the rest of the people who are forced to live in this facility. How DARE they neglect my mom the way they did! I want to add that I put in a call to the Director of Nursing at the facility and she promised she would call me back as soon as she had my mom's chart in front of her. This was yesterday. It is the end of the day now and I still haven't received a call from her. I don't expect I will. Because of all of the neglect and lack of care given to my mother I decided to file several complaints. I contacted my local Ombudsman agency, I contacted the Department of Children and Families and I contacted AHCA. An agent with DCF came to my house today and took my complaint. She assured me she would investigate this matter and get back to me. My next complaint will be to my attorney. I sent a letter about these issues to the administrator of the facility and I also put in two calls to the Director of Nursing. Neither person ever responded to me. My attorney told me that it's very common not to be contacted because had they responded to my complaints, it would mean an admission of guilt.

June 11, 2015


I am a friend or relative of resident

this residence is neglectful, is way way understaffed and the quality of care is very poor. There are a few good nurses there but most just dont seem to care. They each have about 40 patients so if you need your diaper changed, be prepared for the bed sores. You will also get the run around from the case workers, and office staff- a different story every time so double check with your insurance company every time they tell you no because they make up stories.

November 25, 2014

By Doctor Daveed

I am a friend or relative of resident

My wife arrived after a broken hip operation that required 2 screws. A very painful situation that literally put her in tears for 4 days leaving her very agitated and extremely uncomfortable and unable to move about by herself or effectively participate in the rehab exercises for those 4 days. It took 4 days of badgering the medical staff before effective pain medication was given her. Without dwelling on all 15 incidents, calamities, and events that my wife experienced the first 10 days (She is still in there), I will simply say that the food service is very poor, no diabetic menu available with the dietician having no concern. My wife's bed sore was not properly cared for and on day 9 looked at least twice as bad as it was on day 1. The facility provided absolutely no "Welcome to the Club introduction" to explain the menus and how to order food, the type of care, type of rehab, medication being given (was given a drug that made her hallucinate and also given 25 units of another drug that should have been 15 units), visiting rules, recreation provided, it wasn't until today (day 10) that we found out we could take her outside the facility up to 4 hours a day and actually take her to a restaurant for lunch. Facility has a lot of little maintenance issues like loose faucets, dripping and green stained faucets, multifunctional toilets, inoperative lights in the rooms. Many of the staff do double shifts working anywhere from 16 to 24 hours without sleep. A nurse had a very loud and physical argument with the patient in the next room because he wouldn't take a pill. I personally was only rude to twice, thank goodness it was by non medical staff members. The Rehab center is absolutely excellent with very qualified therapists that are also compassionate. As a rule, the floor nurses and floor workers were very personable and nice and tried to be very helpful to their patients. Unfortunately their is a very definite communication problem between them and the higher staff members as well as between the patients and the higher staff members.

August 13, 2014

By Penny Kersey

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Average care. Needs to pay more attention to the needs of the patients! Not as clean and sanitary as others! Personal items tend to disappear! Care at night is Not good!

October 19, 2012

By Kasey2001

I am a friend or relative of resident

my mother is there. This is the best nursing home in this area. She was a transfer from southern oaks. What a change. Plantation thank you for the love and compassion. Nursing department. You rock!!!!

May 08, 2012

By MissingHer2

I am a friend or relative of a resident

This facility was conveniently located near a family member's house, so she could go and visit my grandmother daily. They were very accepting of us moving in some of her own furniture, decorations and paintings, as well as us taking her laundry and doing it for her at home. We visited at various times throughout the day with no problem and could bring her food also. It is a clean and well-cared for place. At one point a maintenance technician came and fixed her sink very quickly when there was a problem. The front office staff was always very friendly and cheerful. Her room was always clean and the orderlies were vigilant about moving her position to prevent bed sores. They helped to keep her clean and put mats on the floor (as she was sometimes prone to getting out of bed when she shouldn't) to try and prevent injuries. The staff all seemed genuinely concerned about her comfort and would do whatever they could to help her within doctor's orders, and also helped to resolve care-giving issues with hospice. The food was what is to be expected (not very good) but at that point my grandmother didn't want to eat much anyway. We also saw them caring for many patients in their rooms or moving them throughout the facility. I would recommend Plantation Bay Rehab.

October 24, 2011

By vicky2011

I visited this facility

I visited this Nursing home a few months ago to see my boyfriend's grandfather. This facility is definitely not the best of Nursing homes. One thing I do not like about this Nursing home is the fact that all the CNA's look too busy for their clients. Whenever me and my boyfriend come to visit him we always bring him food because he does not like the food that they give him at the facility. I have heard stories from some of the other residents about not being moved around enough to the point of them acquiring bedsores, fortunately since we visit our grandfather often this is not the case. Another thing that bothers me is that the temperature is always extremely hot, I can understand as people age their body loses tissue therefore they become cold but my grandfather cannot sleep with the temperature being so high. If your family can afford another assisted living facility I would definitely choose somewhere else.
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