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Discover the Difference Between Home Healthcare and In-Home Care

Discover the difference between home healthcare and in-home care

By Gilbert Guide
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Getting confused about what kind of professional caregivers are available to you? There are two basic types of care in the home -- one is home healthcare and the other is in-home care. The biggest difference between home healthcare and in-home care is that home healthcare is a higher level of care that is deemed medically necessary by a physician.

Home healthcare

  • Doctor prescribed (a physician has deemed it medically necessary for you or your loved one to receive care in the home)
  • Skilled care (care is provided by nurses or health aides who've had special training)
  • Home health care nurses can administer medication
  • Aid with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Specialized caregiving in such areas as rehabilitation
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In-home care

See our chart below for a side by side comparison of what home health and in-home care agencies offer:

Home Healthcare In-Home Care
Doctor prescribed X
Skilled care X
Administering medications X
Giving medication reminders X
Help with activities of daily living (ADL) or instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) X X
Specialized services such as rehab X
Light housekeeping (minimal) X
Transportation X
Payment options Medicare, Medigap, Managed Care, Medicaid, Veterans Benefits and Private Pay (usually a combination) Medigap (only a few and if person is also receiving home health care), LTCI, Private Pay