Florida residents can qualify for home health care financial assistance if they are on Medicaid or approved for the state’s Home Care for the Elderly program. Both programs give eligible seniors access to home health care services that allow them to live at home while receiving the medical care they require.

Florida Medicaid Home Health Care

Florida seniors on Medicaid can access a range of home health care services. Medicaid eligibility requires individuals to be a Florida resident aged 65 or older and qualify as low-income. Maximum annual income amounts vary depending on the size of the household, but a single-individual household cannot earn more than $18,075 before taxes to qualify.

Seniors on Medicaid must receive an order for home health services from their physician to receive reimbursement. They also must show that they need help with activities of daily living and do not have someone who can provide this assistance. Once all eligibility requirements are met, seniors can receive reimbursement for home health care services, including home visits by a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or home health aide. 

Home Care for the Elderly Program

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs oversees the Home Care for the Elderly program. Florida seniors ages 60 and older who live in a private home can receive a monthly subsidy of $160 for home health care services. This subsidy can be used to cover services including home health nursing care, home health aides, accessibility devices and medications.

To qualify, individuals must meet several financial requirements. They must receive supplemental security income (SSI) and have an income lower than the Institutional Care Program (ICP) standard. They also must be designated as a qualified Medicare beneficiary or special low-income Medicare beneficiary. Additionally, eligible seniors need to have an adult caregiver who lives with them and can help them navigate and use the program benefits.