Home health aide in Washington costs $34.50 per hour on average. Washington has some of the highest home health care costs in the United States, and the national average cost trends much lower, at $27 per hour. However, prices can vary depending on the location and care agency, and some financial assistance programs are available.

Who Are Home Health Aides For And What Do They Cost Per Day?

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the cost of a home health aide in Washington came to $34.50 hourly in 2021. This comes to $216 for a full day of care, or $6,578 per month. 

Home health care is the ideal choice for many seniors. According to the AARP’s Home and Community Preferences Survey, around 80% of adults over 50 want to stay at home as they age. Home health aides make this possible by helping seniors and their families with personal care and health services. These certified practitioners are trained to administer physician-prescribed medications and help seniors with mobility, hygiene, nutrition and grooming. Other services may include basic wound care and assistance with daily exercise, depending on the needs of each individual. 

Home Health Aides In Washington And How To Get Help Paying For Them

Throughout the state of Washington, there are 98 home health agencies. While their median cost is $34.50 per hour or around $65,790 per year, actual prices will vary depending on the agency and the care plan. In the long term, seniors in Washington can expect to pay $78,936 per year for a home health aide. This type of care is costlier than both homemaker services, which average $78,570 per year, and assisted living, which comes to $72,000 annually. 

There are some state assistance programs that can help cover the costs of a home health aide. One of them is the Medicaid Personal Care Program, which provides financial aid to seniors and allows them to direct their own non-institutional care. The state’s Area Agencies on Aging offer more information about resources like these.