A home health aide in Virginia costs $29.95 per hour. However, the exact costs of in-home care depend on the location and what services are required. Home health aides generally provide personal care services and may perform additional duties as delegated by a nurse. Most home health care agencies in Virginia only employ certified nursing assistants to work as aides.    

Comparison of Home Health Aide Costs with Other Long-Term Care Choices in Virginia

Compared to other types of senior care, home health care is generally a more affordable choice in Virginia than residential options. For example, 8 hours of full-time home health care on weekdays would cost around $148 per day, while assisted living communities typically charge around $173 per day. Nursing homes have a higher average fee, starting from around $270 per day. Seniors with no medical care needs should expect to pay around $143 per day for home care, while those who can receive daytime services in the community should budget roughly $78 per day for adult day health care.  

  • Home health aide: $148
  • Home aide: $143
  • Assisted living: $173
  • Nursing home: $270
  • Adult day health care: $78

Average Prices for Hourly Home Health Aide Services around Virginia

In Virginia, the most affordable city for home health aide services is Lynchburg, where the median hourly rate is $22.50. The average hourly price is just 50 cents higher in Roanoke, where home health aides typically charge around $23 per hour. The next most affordable city is Virginia Beach, where the average fee is $25 per hour. Average hourly costs increase to $25.25 in Winchester, $26.75 in Harrisonburg and $27.50 in Richmond. Staunton and Blacksburg share the same hourly rate of $28, while the priciest city for home health aide service is Charlottesville, where an hour’s care runs roughly $33.

  • Winchester: $25.25
  • Harrisonburg: $26.75
  • Staunton: $28
  • Charlottesville: $33
  • Richmond: $27.50
  • Virginia Beach: $25
  • Lynchburg: $22.50
  • Roanoke: $23
  • Blacksburg: $28