Seniors living in Texas pay an average of $24 per hour for a home health aide. This price is more affordable than the national average price of $27 per hour. On average, home health care in Texas is a little more expensive than assisted living services, but actual prices vary depending on the location and provider. 

Texas Home Health Aide Services

Home health aides perform a wide range of tasks depending on the needs of each individual. They can help aging adults with meals, housekeeping, medication and wound care. Aides also help seniors get around inside and outside of their homes, assist them with mobility, provide respite care and transport them to appointments. Home health aides can be integral in helping older adults stay healthy at home and avoid moving into long-term care.

Cost and Financial Assistance for a Home Health Aide in Texas

The daily cost of a home health aide in Texas ranges from $27.25 per hour in the Austin area to $15 per hour in McAllen. According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, seniors in Texas pay an average of $150 per day for this type of care. On a monthly basis, this adds up to $4,576. 

Each year, seniors in Texas pay an average of $54,912 per year for home health care. This price is on par with that of homemaker services and a little more expensive than assisted living, which averages $47,970 annually. In some locations, such as Austin, home health care is cheaper than assisted living. 

To help with costs, the state offers waivers and financial assistance programs to help pay for home health aide services. The STAR+PLUS program is one of these, and it’s available to disabled adults and seniors over 65.