A home health aide in Oregon costs $32 per hour. This number is based on the rate that home health aide agencies charge for 44 hours of care per week. Compared to the U.S. national average of $27 per hour, home health care in Oregon is $5 more expensive than what seniors pay in the average American city.

The assistance of a home health aide can be very beneficial to seniors who require skilled nursing services but would prefer to remain living at home rather than transition to a long-term care facility or nursing institution. Rates often vary depending on the services and scope of care an individual senior requires, though location can also play a factor in determining cost.

What Services Do Home Health Aides Provide?

While personal care attendants can only assist with household chores and personal care services, home health aides are licensed medical professionals who can provide a wide range of nursing services. These may include administering medication and injections, IV therapy, wound care and nutritional counseling. Home health aides can also facilitate medical tests and health assessments, as well as provide in-home therapies for seniors recovering from recent surgeries or illnesses. 

What are Costs Like in Nearby States?

Location can often influence the cost of care services, based on the availability of medical facilities and health care professionals in a given region. Compared to other states in the region, Oregon’s hourly home health aide costs are quite moderate. While California’s average rates are right on par with Oregon, Idaho’s are $3.50 less expensive per hour and Montana’s costs are $4 lower. Nevada is even more affordable, with hourly costs averaging $27.

However, Oregon is budget-friendly compared to Washington. There, average rates are $34.50 per hour, which is $2.50 more expensive than in Oregon.

  • Oregon: $32
  • Washington: $34.50
  • Idaho: $28.50
  • California: $32
  • Nevada: $27
  • Montana: $28

How Do Costs Compare Between Cities in Oregon?

Costs can also vary greatly between cities in the same state. Portland, for example, sees the state’s highest home health aide rates at $37.48 per hour, which is $5.48 more expensive than the state median. Rates in Salem are consistent with the state average, and costs in Eugene are only $0.50 higher. Home health aides in Albany charge $1 less per hour than the state average. The most affordable city in Oregon for home health care is Grants Pass. There, the average cost of these services is just $28.75 per hour, which is $3.25 less than the Oregon median.

  • Portland: $37.48
  • Salem: $32
  • Albany: $31
  • Eugene: $32.50
  • Bend: $33.75
  • Grants Pass: $28.75