A home health aide in Ohio costs roughly $26.50 per hour. This is just slightly lower than the national average price of $27. It’s also slightly higher than the median hourly rate for a regular home care aide.

While both types of in-home aide generally help seniors with personal care tasks, home health aides work as part of a multidisciplinary medical and therapeutic team. In contrast, home care services focus mainly on practical tasks to improve senior independence and comfort, such as assistance with daily activities, domestic chores, laundry and grocery shopping.

How Do Home Health Aide Costs Vary Around Ohio?

Home health aide prices can differ widely depending on the location. The most affordable city for home health aide services in Ohio is Akron, where the average hourly price is $21.50. Approximately 40 miles north in Cleveland, the median hourly rate rises to $27.25. In Canton, home health aide services run around $25 per hour. To the east, seniors in Youngstown can expect to pay around $22.50 for an hour’s care.

Ohio’s highest average rate for a home health aide is in the state capital of Columbus, where agencies charge around $29.50 an hour. Costs in Dayton and Cincinnati are also on the higher side, with median hourly fees of $28.50 and $27, respectively. At $26, the median hourly rate in Toledo is slightly lower than the Ohio average, while home health aides in Mansfield and Lima charge a median rate of $24 per hour.        

  • Cincinnati: $27
  • Dayton: $28.50
  • Springfield: $23
  • Columbus: $29.50
  • Lima: $24
  • Mansfield: $24
  • Toledo: $26
  • Cleveland: $27.25
  • Akron: $21.50
  • Canton: $25
  • Youngstown: $22.50

What Do Other Types of Care Cost in Ohio?

With the exception of home care, no other type of long-term care provides hourly figures. Using 44 weekly care hours for comparison purposes, home health aide services run around $166 per day in Ohio. Daily home care aide services are a little cheaper at around $163 per day. Assisted living, which provides care in a residential setting, runs around $152 per day. A semiprivate room in a nursing home generally costs around $240 for a day’s care. Adult day health care, which provides services in the community, costs roughly $80 a day.

  • Home health aide: $166
  • Home aide: $163
  • Assisted living: $152
  • Nursing home: $240
  • Adult day health care: $80