The Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey reports that the median hourly cost for a home health aide in North Carolina is $24.91. However, differences in cities’ cost of living, the availability of home health aides and an individual’s required level of care can affect whether they pay more or less than the average. 

Home Health Aide in North Carolina’s compared to other states

At $24.91 an hour, the cost of home health aides in North Carolina is $4.34 less than the national median of $29.25 an hour. While none of the states bordering North Carolina have a lower average cost for home health aides, Georgia has the same median cost of $24.91 an hour. In South Carolina and Tennessee, home health aides cost an average of $0.55 and $1.09 more, respectively, per hour. The costliest neighboring state is Virginia where home health aides cost an average of $28.15 an hour.  

The Cost of Home Health Aides Throughout North Carolina

Within North Carolina, the average hourly cost of home health aides ranges between $21.66 and $28.16 an hour. New Bern ($21.66) is on the lower end of the cost range followed by Greenville where home health aides cost an average of $22.75 an hour. Greensboro, with its $23.84 average cost of home health aides, is also on the affordable end of the cost range. Asheville and Raleigh are among the costlier cities for home health care with the same average cost of $28.16 an hour. Charlotte and Wilmington also have identical average costs for home health care—$27.09 an hour. 

  • Asheville: $28.16
  • Charlotte: $27.09
  • Greenville: $22.75
  • Wilmington: $27.09
  • Raleigh: $28.16
  • Greensboro: $23.84
  • New Bern: $21.66