In New York state, home health aides cost $29 per hour. This average price varies depending on the provider and city, with seniors in Watertown paying $25.50 per hour and those in Glens Falls paying $31.50. Although home health aide services in New York State are a little costlier than the nationwide average of $27 per hour, there are some financial assistance programs available. 

What Do Home Health Aides Do and How Much Do They Cost per Day?

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, it costs $182 per day for home health aide care in New York. In the long term, this comes to $5,529 per month. 

Home health aides help aging and disabled adults stay healthy at home instead of moving into a long-term care home. They support the upkeep of the home by doing chores, cooking and laundry. Of course, they also perform health services like administering simple medications, caring for wounds and assisting with feeding and physical therapy. Home health aides can also provide transportation and mobility support to clients, helping them get to medical appointments. 

Where Can I Get Help Funding Home Health Care?

In New York, there are 349 home health agencies serving the state. For full-time care, it’s estimated that a home health aide costs $68,640 per year in New York. This is a little more expensive than homemaker services, which average $66,352 per year and don’t offer health support. Home health aides are also less expensive than assisted living, which costs $69,000 per year. 

New York has a few financial assistance programs that can help seniors cover the cost of a home health aide. This includes the Managed Long-Term Care Program, which is open to Medicaid and Medicare-eligible people. Seniors who need help getting set up with a home aide can contact their local Area Agency on Aging