In Nebraska, home health aides cost around $28 per hour. Aides must complete federally recommended training to be employed by licensed home health care providers in Nebraska. They form part of a multifaceted team that provides a range of support services to enable seniors to remain living in their own home. Aides commonly provide personal care services, such as assistance with dressing, washing and grooming, and they may also help seniors to eat and move around.

Median Home Health Aide Costs in and around Nebraska

Per Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey, home health aides cost an average of $27 per hour across the United States. This is the same as the median hourly rate in Nebraska’s state capital of Lincoln. Costs increase toward the east, with home health aides charging around $29 in Omaha.  

  • Lincoln: $27
  • Omaha: $29

Looking at nearby states, home health aide fees are lower in Nebraska than in most of its neighbors. Only Kansas and Missouri have lower costs, with average hourly rates of $24.50 and $25, respectively. Older individuals in Wyoming typically pay $1 more per hour than their Nebraska-based counterparts, while those residing in Iowa should expect a slightly higher hourly rate of around $29.25. Home health aide services run roughly $31 an hour in South Dakota and $33.50 in Colorado.  

  • Nebraska: $28
  • South Dakota: $31
  • Iowa: $29.25
  • Missouri: $25
  • Kansas: $24.50
  • Colorado: $33.50
  • Wyoming: $29

Typical Costs of Long-Term Care in Nebraska

Overall costs of home health care depend on several elements, including the exact services required. Rates may also alter if services are required outside of general business hours. For seven weekly hours of home health aide care, recipients can expect to pay roughly $849 per month. Around-the-clock home health care would cost in excess of $20,000 each month.

Using 44 weekly service hours as a benchmark, home health aide services generally cost more than assisted living care and home aide services. Home health care averages $5,339 per month as compared with $5,148 for regular non-medical home care and $4,076 for assisted living. The most affordable type of care in Nebraska is adult day health care, which has a median monthly cost of $1,842. Nursing homes provide 24/7 skilled nursing and other intensive services so have the highest fees; a semiprivate room in a nursing facility costs around $7,483 each month.     

  • Home health aide: $5,339
  • Home aide: $5,146
  • Assisted living: $4,076
  • Adult day health care: $1,842
  • Nursing home: $7,483