In Missouri, a home health aide costs $25 per hour. Based on data in the Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey, costs vary across major cities in the state and depend on local living costs and the number of agencies that provide services. In St. Joseph and Springfield, costs are equal to the state median at $25 per hour, and in Kansas City, rates are comparable at $26. Columbia and St. Louis are comparatively expensive places to obtain care, with respective hourly rates coming in at $27 and $28.75, but in Cape Girardeau and the state’s capital of Jefferson City, fees are considerably lower than the state median at $19.70 and $20, respectively.

How Do Home Health Aide Costs in Missouri Compare to Rates in Nearby States?

Compared to surrounding states, Missouri has moderate home health aide rates. In Iowa, seniors pay $29.25 per hour on average for this level of care, and in Illinois, rates come in at $28. However, other states are comparatively affordable, including Arkansas, where agencies charge $22 per hour for skilled nursing services. In Kansas, hourly fees are comparable to Missouri at $24.50. These rates are all in line with the national average of $27, indicating that the Midwest and South Central regions are generally affordable for those seeking home health aide services.

Are Affordable Long-Term Care Alternatives Available?

While home health aide costs are reasonably economical in Missouri, some seniors may seek more affordable options for care. For those who want to live at home, adult day health care may be a financially viable alternative. This type of care costs $88 per day, roughly half the cost of home health aide services, and features skilled nursing services in a daytime community setting. Seniors may also find more affordable care in assisted living facilities. These facilities are primarily for those who only need daily assistance with activities such as dressing, mobility and housekeeping, but they typically contract with third-party providers to offer skilled nursing services. Assisted living costs about $1,800 less per month than home health aide services.