Home health aide services cost approximately $20 per hour in Mississippi. This may make obtaining home-based skilled nursing services a financially viable alternative to assisted living or nursing home placement. By comparison, the national average hourly rate for this type of care is $27, indicating that Mississippi is one of the cheapest places in the nation for home-based skilled nursing services.

The cost of home health aide services in Mississippi is consistent with rates in bordering states. Rates in Louisiana are comparable at $19.50 per hour, and in Alabama, residents pay $20.20 per hour on average for skilled nursing services at home. In Arkansas and Tennessee, respective hourly fees are slightly higher at $22 and $24.

What Do Home Health Aides Charge in Major Cities Across Mississippi?

While home health aide services are affordable in every surveyed city in Mississippi compared to national norms, rates vary slightly depending on factors such as location, the number of providers available compared to the number of those needing services and the local cost of living. Shreveport and Monroe have the lowest home health aide rates recorded in Mississippi, with agencies charging respective hourly rates of $17 and $17.50. In Alexandria, costs are slightly higher at $18.50, and in Baton Rouge, Houma and Lafayette, seniors pay $20 per hour. Seniors in Lake Charles pay $20.50, and home health care agencies in New Orleans charge hourly rates of $22.

How to Save Money on Home Health Aide Services

While Mississippi is one of the cheapest places in the United States for home health aide services, some seniors may have difficulty affording this added expense. To make care accessible, the state pays for home health aide services for qualifying individuals through the Elderly & Disabled Waiver. This waiver, which is available to Medicaid beneficiaries, covers costs such as adult day care, home-delivered meals and personal care assistance and may help older adults avoid institutional or assisted living placement.