Home health care in Massachusetts costs $31 per hour on average, based on figures from Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2021. This is higher than the national median cost of $27. However, compared to other types of long-term senior care, home health care may offer an affordable solution for seniors who need mild to moderate support to remain safely at home.

Home health aides help seniors with personal care tasks, such as showering, dressing and using the toilet. They may also help seniors to complete exercises as recommended by a therapist and remind people when medications are due. Aides in Massachusetts must follow federal guidelines for training, which include completing at least 75 hours of nurse-supervised training and passing an exam. Additionally, Massachusetts’ home health aides must complete ongoing professional development training.     

Hourly Home Health Aide Costs around Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, median hourly rates for a home health aide range from $29 in Springfield to $35 in Barnstable Town. Seniors in Pittsfield generally pay less than the statewide average, where a home health aide tends to cost around $29 per hour. Worcester shares the state median fee of $31. A home health aide in the state capital of Boston costs approximately $32.75 an hour.     

  • Springfield: $29
  • Barnstable Town: $35
  • Pittsfield: $29.50
  • Worcester: $31
  • Boston: $32.75

Cost of Long-Term Care in Massachusetts

Using 44 hours of weekly home health aide services as a yardstick, in-home care is generally more cost-effective than residential care in Massachusetts. Although they provide varying services to meet different needs, home health aides and home aides cost the same in the Bay State. Monthly in-home care runs around $5,911. This is more than $500 lower than the average monthly assisted living cost of $6,500. Individuals who need the intensive 24-hour care provided by a nursing home generally pay $12,623 to $13,535 each month, depending on their room preference. At around $1,587 per month, adult day health care may be a cheaper option, although seniors must attend an external location to receive daytime-only care in the community.  

  • Home health aide: $5,911
  • Home care aide: $5,911
  • Assisted living: $6,500
  • Semiprivate nursing home room: $12,623
  • Private nursing home room: $13,535
  • Adult day health care: $1,587