A home health aide in Kentucky costs an average of $25 per hour. It’s important to keep in mind that several factors can affect the actual hourly rate, including location, agency size and specific services needed. All home health aides in Kentucky must pass state-sanctioned training. Aides provide personal care to seniors aging in place. Services may include assistance with bathing, oral care, shaving and dressing.

How Do Home Health Aide Costs Vary around Kentucky?

The lowest price for a home health aide in Kentucky is in Owensboro, where the median price is $20 per hour. The next most-affordable city for the same type of senior care is Elizabethtown, where locals generally pay around $23.50 for an hour’s care. Average hourly rates increase to $25 in Louisville and $25.23 in Bowling Green. The highest home health aide cost in the Bluegrass State is in Lexington, where service providers charge roughly $26 per hour. Overall, home health aides are cheaper throughout Kentucky than the national median fee of $27 per hour.  

  • Owensboro: $20
  • Bowling Green: $25.23
  • Elizabethtown: $23.50
  • Louisville: $25
  • Lexington: $26

How Much Is a Home Health Aide in Neighboring States?

Kentucky shares a border with seven other states. Costing around $25 per hour, Kentucky’s home health aides cost the same or less than those in most of these neighboring states. Aides in Indiana and Missouri typically cost the same as in Kentucky. Those in Virginia and Ohio are a little pricier, with respective median fees of $25.98 and $26.50 per hour.

The highest costs are in Illinois, where a home health aide runs around $28 per hour. Only Tennessee and West Virginia have lower average prices than Kentucky. Seniors in Tennessee pay about $1 less per hour than their more northern peers. However, those in West Virginia generally see a significant saving; here, the average hourly rate of $18.75 for home health aide services is among the lowest in the entire country.     

  • Kentucky: $25
  • Illinois: $28
  • Indiana: $25
  • Ohio: $26.50
  • West Virginia: $18.75
  • Virginia: $25.98
  • Tennessee: $24
  • Missouri: $25