The average cost of a home health aide in Illinois is $28 per hour. This rate is based on 44 hours of assistance per week, as reported by Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey. On a monthly basis, seniors can expect to pay $5,339. Home health care in Illinois is slightly more expensive than the U.S. national average of $27 per hour. 

Home health aides offer a range of services that can be helpful for seniors who require a nursing home level of care but would prefer to age in place. This allows them to remain in the comfort of their own homes rather than having to transition to long-term care communities.

What Services Does a Home Health Aide Provide?

Home health aides are health care professionals licensed to provide a range of light medical services and skilled nursing care. In addition to assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing and mobility, home health aides can offer treatment for wounds, diabetes management, nutritional counseling and catheter care. They can conduct medical assessments, monitor seniors’ health conditions and administer medications via IV or injection.

Home health aides can also provide rehabilitative services for seniors who have undergone surgery or are recovering from illness. This may include speech, occupational and physical therapies.

Hourly Costs in Illinois Cities

Home health aide costs vary between cities in the same state. In Chicago, these services are $2 above the state average. Rockford also sees slightly higher rates, with costs averaging $29.50 per hour. In Springfield and Peoria, home health care rates are less expensive, averaging $26.75 and $26.50 per hour, respectively. Carbondale has the lowest home health aide costs in the state. Its average hourly rate of $24 is $8 below the state median. Danville, on the other hand, sees the highest rates in the state. At $46.25 per hour, it’s $18.52 more expensive than the state average.

  • Chicago: $30
  • Rockford: $29.50
  • Springfield: $26.75
  • Peoria: $26.50
  • Danville: $46.25
  • Carbondale: $24