Home health aide in Connecticut costs an average of $31 per hour. Home health aides can administer medication and help seniors remain independent and healthy at home as they age. According to data collected by the state government, this type of care is a little more expensive than a personal care attendant but still less than half the cost of visiting LPN care.

The Cost And Scope Of Home Health Aide Services In Connecticut

Connecticut’s 2021 Survey of Home and Community-Based Providers lists home health aide care at $31 per hour. This price was determined by averaging the cost of all home health care services in the state, so prices may be higher or lower depending on the region and individual provider. Home health aides are trained and licensed care providers who help older adults with activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, and assistance with personal hygiene. Home health aides can also administer healthcare services, such as physician-approved oral, topical and tube medications. Perhaps most importantly, they offer companionship, which is beneficial for both mood and cognitive function.

Connecticut Home Health Aide Pricing And Providers

There are 145 home health care agencies serving communities in Connecticut with an average cost of $31 per hour, although actual pricing will vary by provider and services rendered. Home health aides are generally more affordable than long-term care homes and can provide part-time assisted living-type services in a more comfortable and independent setting. They’re a great option for the nearly 80% of older adults over 50 who would prefer to receive care at home as they age instead of moving into long-term care.