Family members of qualified Virginia seniors can get paid for caring for their family members. The state’s Medicaid program has some options for self-directed in-home care that allow friends and family members to be paid. Virginia also offers some tax credits for family caregivers, and additional supports are available to the caregivers of veterans. 

What Types of Payment and Financial Aid Does Virginia Offer Family Caregivers?

According to the CDC, one-fifth of adults in Virginia help a friend or family member with personal care. This type of care can range from help around the house to help with activities of daily living, such as bathing and grooming. The Virginia government has a few initiatives designed to help support these caregivers and keep adults comfortable in their homes as their needs increase. 

In Virginia, consumer-directed Medicaid waivers allow recipients to choose who delivers their in-home care, be it a qualified family member or an outside agency. There are a few waivers available for people with differing care needs. One is the Community Living waiver, which can cover the cost of personal care as well as emergency response systems and home modifications. The Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus waiver is for people with more intensive care needs that may otherwise require nursing home placement. People caring for a family member in their own homes may also be eligible to claim the tax credit for dependents.

For those caring for eligible veteran family members, a monthly stipend is available to qualifying caregivers through the VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. This initiative also offers mental health support, health care training and 30 days of respite care. 

Where Can Caregivers Find Support in Virginia?

In Virginia, there are 21 Area Agencies on Aging designed to support the health of older residents. Through these agencies, Virginia caregivers can access the National Family Caregiver Support Program. This program provides education, counseling and other forms of assistance to family caregivers. Service members and their families can visit their nearest VA veteran center for help.