Family members can get paid for caregiving in Pennsylvania through the Community HealthChoices Waiver program. Both recipients and caregivers must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the program. Spouses cannot be paid as caregivers, but other family members may qualify for this in-home care option.

Applying for a Caregiver

Seniors who want to hire a family member as a caregiver through the Community HealthChoices Waiver program must first meet certain financial requirements. There is a limit on the amount of earned monthly income and assets currently held. Further, seniors must meet clinical requirements showing that they cannot care for themselves to the point of needing a caregiver.

After applying, seniors must pass at least one assessment that determines whether they meet the financial and clinical requirements. They must also submit a signed doctor’s form indicating the need for a caregiver due to ongoing health issues. When these stages are complete, seniors can expect a response within 90 days. They must then choose their caregiver, who can be a family member, but not a spouse.

Becoming a Caregiver

A family caregiver must also meet certain requirements. A caregiver must be at least 18 years old and complete a minimum of eight hours of training for caregiver certification. Accessible training course options ensure caregivers can properly meet their loved ones’ needs.

When training is complete, a family caregiver may perform a wide range of services for a loved one. Caregivers help with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming and dressing. They prepare meals and help loved ones eat, manage medications, monitor health and assist with mobility. They can take care of housekeeping, laundry, shopping and transportation as well as serve as companions for seniors who might otherwise experience loneliness and isolation. The number of hours of paid work varies based on seniors’ needs and financial situations.