Yes, there are several ways that the state of Kansas pays family members for caregiving services. Low-income seniors can pay their family members for home care through the state’s Medicaid waivers, Senior Care Act or Veterans Affairs. The person receiving care must meet certain eligibility requirements before a family member can begin receiving payment for their services. 

KanCare Waivers Help Pay for Family Caregivers

KanCare, Kansas’ Medicaid system, offers special programs that seniors can use to pay their family members for care services. These are known as Home and Community Based Service waivers. One of these is the Frail Elderly Waiver Program. In addition to an array of health care services, this waiver provides funds for personal care and enhanced personal care services that can be carried out by family members at home. This is because the program allows beneficiaries to direct their own care funds; however, KanCare can provide financial management services to handle payroll. 

To be eligible for the Frail Elderly Waiver Program, the person receiving care from a family member must be at least 65 years old and require a nursing home level of care. While there is an income limit of $2,543 per month, earning more does not automatically disqualify the applicant from the program. 

The Senior Care Act and Other Programs

The state of Kansas offers some non-Medicaid programs that may be used to pay family members for personal care. The Senior Care Act program may be used to pay for homemaker and chore services, respite and adult day care. Beneficiaries are expected to pay for a certain percentage of care based on their financial resources. Since this program is administered by local Area Agencies on Aging, there may be differences in the services provided from county to county. 

Veterans in Kansas can use their VA benefits to pay their family members for care services. Funds are available through pensions as well as Aid & Attendance benefits, which may require a special evaluation to determine eligibility. The VA also offers the Veteran Directed Care program, Housebound Pension Benefit and Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers.