Family members can get paid for caregiving in Iowa under certain circumstances. Iowa provides support for people who require in-home care through a variety of Medicaid waivers, along with the non-Medicaid Iowa Senior Living Program and dedicated programs to support veterans in the state.

The United States has approximately 53 million unpaid caregivers. By offering financial support, training, respite care and other services for family caregivers, the Iowa government is helping to reduce the challenges faced by families with an older loved one who requires a high degree of in-home care.

To Qualify for Caregiver Support Seniors Must Be Homebound and on a Low Income

Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of home care in Iowa. However, Iowa Medicaid programs offer consumer-directed care options that may allow a senior to pay a loved one to provide personal care support. To be eligible for these programs, a medical professional must have assessed the senior and determined that such support is medically necessary. The senior must also have limited assets and be on a low income.

Additional Support is Available for Veterans

Veterans have access to several programs in addition to those run by Medicaid and the Iowa Department on Aging. These include the Veteran Directed Care Program and the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, as well as the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit. Veterans may be eligible for support through more than one program. To learn more about these programs, consult your nearest Veterans Service Officer or Department of Veterans Affairs.