Family members can get paid to serve as caregivers for seniors in Georgia through the Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) program. This program is a part of the Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program, which is funded by state Medicaid and serves as a way to help seniors stay in their own communities as long as possible. Pay is provided on a weekly basis and is deposited directly into the caregiver’s account. All payments received under SFC are tax-free.

How Much Do Family Caregivers Make?

In 2022, Georgia family caregivers were paid a daily rate of $99.22 to care for loved ones within their own home. Under the Structured Family Caregiver’s (SFC) rates, caregivers must take part in at least eight hours of training each year. This training must correspond with the individual’s needs.

Becoming a Paid Caregiver

To qualify as a personal home care caregiver, an individual must be biologically related to the senior and live in the same household. The caregiver also cannot have employment outside the home and cannot operate an in-home business. Caregivers must be solely committed to caring for the senior and aid in activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, food preparation, mobility assistance, transportation and companionship.