In Delaware, family members can get paid for caregiving through a variety of state programs. The Diamond State Health Plan Plus (Medicaid Managed Long Term Care System) runs a Personal Attendant Services program that can be used to train and hire personal care attendants, including family members, for the purposes of in-home care.

Home care agencies in Delaware charge an average of $28 per hour for personal care services, which is around $2 an hour more than the national average. The Personal Attendant Services program gives seniors the opportunity to choose caregivers they feel comfortable with while ensuring those caregivers are properly trained and can deliver a high standard of care. 

The Delaware Office of Veterans Services Supports Caregivers for Veterans

The Veteran Directed Care Program managed by the Delaware VA offers a budget for veterans to pay a caregiver of their choice, and family members can be hired under this program. In addition to this, the VA runs the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers. This program provides a stipend of up to $2,750 per month for family caregivers and also offers training, respite care and counseling services. Finally, veterans may be eligible for the Housebound Pension Benefit, which can be spent in any way the veteran wishes, including hiring caregivers.

Aging and Disability Resource Centers Offer Advice on Local Programs

Seniors who need help understanding the programs available to them in Delaware or need assistance with the application process can contact their local Aging and Disability Resource Center for support. These centers offer advice and referrals so seniors can access the help they need to live independently or start considering the best long-term care options for their needs.