In Connecticut, family members may receive payment for caregiving. This is achieved through two programs: Community First Choice and Adult Family Living. These programs provide funding seniors can use to pay family members who are caring for them at home.

Community First Choice

Community First Choice is a self-directed Medicaid program that allows seniors to receive a variety of care services at home. This program provides a stipend that seniors can use to pay family caregivers, professional care attendants, home health providers or a combination of these. Under the program, seniors are assigned care managers who help them arrange services and coordinate their care. The care manager works with each senior and their family to develop a home care plan that’s right for their needs. To be eligible, seniors must qualify for Medicaid and require a nursing facility level of care.

Adult Family Living

Under Adult Family Living, family caregivers are given compensation to care for a loved one in their own home or the senior’s home. The program includes four levels of compensation depending on how much care the senior needs. Caregivers must work through an intermediary agency, which takes a cut of 20% to 40% in exchange for training and supportive services.

Adult Family Living is an option offered through the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders. This program includes additional services such as home-delivered meals, housekeeping and adult day health care. To qualify, seniors must be 65 or older, need help with daily activities of living and be at risk for nursing home placement.