Colorado pays family members for home care services provided to senior loved ones under the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for Elderly, Blind and Disabled program. Seniors enrolled in this waiver program can select their own in-home caregiver, who may be a spouse, adult child or another relative. Beneficiaries can also designate a trusted friend to act as a caregiver or hire from an agency.

How Does the Waiver Work?

Seniors in Colorado who need in-home support services to thrive can apply for financial support through the Community-Based Waiver program. This waiver is intended to reduce the need for residential long-term care for seniors in the state by paying caregivers to help seniors remain safely at home. This is a beneficiary-directed program, which means the funds available to pay caregivers are spent at the discretion of the enrollee, who is allotted a set number of hours during the intake process which can be redeemed by the caregiver for services rendered. Senior beneficiaries have to sign off on the hours worked, as well as the hiring and retention of caregivers, which effectively makes the beneficiary the caregiver’s employer.

Eligibility for the Waiver

Seniors may be eligible for the waiver if they are currently enrolled in Medicaid and have a medical or age-related disability that could justify placement in a nursing home or assisted living facility. If it is possible for the senior to remain safely at home with regular caregiver support, as determined during an intake needs assessment, then a waiver can be approved.