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What will Medicaid pay for social adult day care?

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What will Medicaid pay for social adult day care?


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Almost all adult day care is more "social" than medical or therapeutic. The question of what Medicaid will pay -- or if it will pay anything at all -- for See also:
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any adult day care depends on several things. First, the adult day care center you are considering must be Medicaid-certified and must accept Medicaid payments for new participants. Second, Medicaid rules and payments vary from state to state. So, whether an elder is eligible for Medicaid adult day care coverage depends on your state's Medicaid qualifying rules regarding adult day care.

Similarly, how much Medicaid will pay depends on the Medicaid adult day care payment schedule in your state. But if Medicaid covers adult day care at all, the elder usually only has to pay a very small daily copayment. To find out about the Medicaid rules of eligibility, and how much you might have to pay out of pocket, go to the Web site for your state's Medicaid program and enter "adult day care" in the site's search tool. To find the Web site for your state's Medicaid program, go to any Internet search engine and enter Medicaid and the name of your state, or call the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116.