Assisted Living Regulations

State-by-State Information About Assisted Living Regulations

Assisted living regulations vary by state. If you're doing research to find out more about assisted living options for a loved one, or if you're looking for information about how to resolve a problem, you'll want to know how things work in your neck of the woods.

State Regulation Information

We've compiled detailed information for every state in the U.S., plus the District of Columbia. Visit your state's page to find out:

  • What assisted living is called in your state
  • Services offered by assisted living facilities in your state
  • How much assisted living costs in your state
  • Assisted living requirements for your state
  • How to resolve problems or offer feedback
  • How to pay for assisted living in your state
  • How to find assisted living options in your state


Assisted Living Regulations by State

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What Is Assisted Living?

An assisted living facility, or community, can be an apartment building, a campus-like setting, or even a large converted house. Typically, it provides communal living (often with planned activities), housekeeping and laundry services, transportation, meals, exercise and wellness programs, opportunities to socialize with other residents, assistance with activities of daily living, and some basic medical care. Assisted living is best for those who need some supervision and help but not the extensive care a nursing home provides.

For full reports about what's required in each state, you can see the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) for State Regulatory Resources for Assisted Living Professionals.

over 5 years ago, said...

Many small assisted living centers do try to provide the required treatment but i must say that where you have spent i.e 500$ for an average one then why not spent 600$ on such an assisted living center where every necessity of life as well as the proper nursing facilities are available too.. That decision lies on you and only you whether you wish to stay in a normal one or the assisted center with all the facilities.....