Seniors aged 65 and older or people with disabilities may qualify for home health care financial assistance through South Carolina’s Community Choices waiver program. This program is funded by Medicaid, which means that seniors must meet Medicaid financial requirements. Those who qualify for the waiver are eligible for a wide variety of services.

How to Qualify for the Community Choices Waiver

As of 2022, financial limitations require a single person applying for the program to make $2,523 per month or less. Married applicants with a spouse not applying to Medicaid can transfer some income to the spouse as an allocation or make use of a Miller Trust to bring income into the required range. Medicaid also limits countable assets to an amount of $2,000. Some assets, like a vehicle and home, are exempt. A spouse may retain more assets.

If Medicaid requirements are met, seniors must then be assessed to need the level of care provided in a nursing home. This means they cannot care for themselves or manage their medical conditions without significant assistance.

Services Available Under the Community Choices Waiver

Seniors who qualify for South Carolina’s Community Choices waiver program may use their designated amount to pay for a number of services. They may choose attendant care, which covers both nursing services and personal care attendants. Seniors can receive assistance with daily living tasks, health monitoring, medication administration, management of chronic conditions, meal preparation and housekeeping.

The program also covers home modifications for accessibility, adult day care (with health care services), respite care, medical supplies, nutritional supplements, a personal emergency response system and telemonitoring. A case manager works with seniors to determine the necessary level of care and services. The goal is to help seniors remain comfortably in their own homes with the health and personal care they need to be safe and as healthy as possible.