Seniors eligible for the Help at Home program, the Community HealthChoices Waiver or Living Independence for the Elderly may qualify for home health care financial assistance in Pennsylvania. All of these programs have enrollment requirements, but those who participate can access in-home medical services. Individuals with disabilities may also qualify for financial assistance from one of Pennsylvania’s other programs

What Is the Help at Home Program?

The Help at Home Program, also known as OPTIONS, links seniors 60 years of age and up with several services. The program’s home health care offerings include physical, occupational and speech therapy, plus nursing services and access to a home health aide. However, these offerings are only available in regions where the local Area Agency on Aging provides them. To enroll, a senior must be a Pennsylvania resident as well as a U.S. citizen or legal resident. They must also require help to complete daily functions. There is no upper income limit, but participation may require payments on a sliding scale.

What Is the Community HealthChoices Waiver?

The Community HealthChoices Waiver is a care coordination service. It helps people avoid moving to a long-term care facility by offering comprehensive needs assessments and home health assistance. Occupational, speech and physical therapy are available, along with nursing care and medical supplies. The waiver covers individuals who receive long-term daily aid through Medicaid as well as individuals 21 years of age and up who are dual enrollees in Medicare and Medicaid. 

What Is Living Independence for the Elderly?

Living Independence for the Elderly is a program that offers medical care and other support to seniors 55 years of age and up. Its goal is to promote independent living among older adults. To enroll, a senior must have care needs that would otherwise require placement in a rehabilitation or nursing facility. Financial requirements apply; otherwise, enrollees must pay privately. Additionally, enrollees need to live in an area the program covers. Seniors who qualify for the program gain access to nursing care and physical, speech and occupational therapy, among other services.