Seniors can qualify for home health care financial assistance in Oklahoma if they have SoonerCare, which is Oklahoma’s Medicaid program. Medicare may also cover portions of home health care costs for seniors 65 and over. In some cases, a combination of Medicaid and Medicare benefits are used to cover home health care costs.

Under SoonerCare, seniors may qualify for the State Plan Personal Care (SPPC) program, which covers an array of services including home health care. Each program has differing income and asset limits required to meet eligibility.

What Services Are Covered Under Home Health Care Financial Assistance?

A variety of services fall under the category of home health care. Seniors with financial assistance through Medicare, Medicaid or a related program such as SPPC can receive preventative care, diabetes management, wound care and even physical therapy at home. Other services such as housekeeping and meal preparation may also be provided, along with assistance with activities of daily living. The services provided depend on the individual’s care plan. For some programs, specific requirements related to the level of care needed must be met. 

How to Apply for Oklahoma Home Health Care Financial Assistance

The first step when seeking home health care financial assistance is to apply for SoonerCare. Seniors or their caregivers can apply online through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority website. Help with Oklahoma Medicaid or other state programs can also be obtained through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS).