Seniors aged 65 and older who require help with at least two activities of daily living and who meet certain income requirements may qualify for financial assistance to pay for an assisted living community through state Medicaid waivers. An individual must also be a resident of the state, provide proof of citizenship or have a disability documented by a physician.

West Virginia Medicaid Income Limits

To qualify for West Virginia Medicaid, seniors must meet both income and asset limits and require a nursing home level of care. In 2022, the income limit for single and married applicants is $2,742 per month with assets totaling no more than $2,000. Married applicants, in which both individuals are applying, the income cap is $5,484 per month with assets totaling no more than $3,000.

Applying For West Virginia Medicaid

Seniors in assisted living facilities may apply for Medicaid benefits online at the West Virginia Path public portal. Individuals may also apply in person at any county Department of Health and Human Resources office or by calling the customer service center at (877) 716-1212.