You may qualify for assisted living assistance in North Dakota if you’re Medicaid eligible. The state operates a Basic Care Assistance Program and a Medicaid Waiver for Home and Community-Based Services. Neither program covers room and board in an assisted living community, but they may cover services to help you live as independently as possible. Eligibility for these programs depends on your care needs, living situation and functional abilities.

Eligibility for Medicaid in North Dakota

You must meet the eligibility criteria for North Dakota’s state Medicaid program before applying for assisted living support. Generally, you must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States and live in South Dakota.

The program covers people with low or very low incomes and countable assets below certain limits. You may also be eligible if you’re in one of the following groups:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with breast or cervical cancer
  • People with visual impairments or certain disabilities
  • Foster care children up to age 26

Basic Care Assistance Program eligibility

North Dakota’s Basic Care Assistance Program serves adults aged 18 or older with visual impairments or certain disabilities and seniors 65 and older. To qualify for assistance, you must require supervision or support with activities such as taking medication, preparing meals or completing basic housekeeping tasks. 

However, you can’t receive funding via this program if you need extensive support with activities of daily living, such as eating or using the bathroom. The state may conduct a functional assessment to determine whether you meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

Home and Community-Based Services eligibility

Alternatively, you may qualify for North Dakota’s Medicaid HCBS waiver if you’re 65 or older or meet the Social Security Disability criteria. The waiver only covers people who need a nursing home level of care and live in their own homes. Therefore, you can’t apply if you live in dormitory-style or group housing, although you may be eligible if you live in a self-contained assisted living apartment.