New York’s Assisted Living Program pays for assisted living for qualifying individuals who meet three criteria based on age, functional ability and finances. Individuals must meet all eligibility requirements to receive this benefit. The program offers financial assistance for 4,200 New Yorkers at one time. As a result, some approved individuals are placed on a waiting list until space opens for them.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals eligible for the Assisted Living Program must be medically eligible for this type of assisted living care. This typically means that the individual does not need around-the-clock nursing home care but would benefit from assistance with activities of daily living. A medical professional will evaluate the applicant to determine if assisted living is the right level of care for their health needs.

Finally, Assisted Living Program applicants must meet income limits. Individual income cannot exceed $1,488 per month, and a couple’s income cannot exceed $2,976 per month. The individual or couple’s assets will also be evaluated when considering their financial situation. Individuals applying to this program do not have to be on Medicaid, but about 85% of all approved applicants are on Medicaid.

Services and Benefits

The Assisted Living Program covers the basic costs of care in an assisted living facility in any New York county. In addition to covering room and board at an assisted living facility, approved individuals can also receive nursing services, as well as physical, speech and occupational therapy. A registered nurse will also provide case management services to determine that the individual is thriving in the assisted living environment.