Seniors who qualify for assisted living financial assistance in New Mexico satisfy eligibility criteria regarding their age, residence status, income and asset holdings. The state Medicaid program, which is called Centennial Care, operates managed care programs under which eligible seniors can receive diverse care services while residing in New Mexico’s assisted living facilities.

How to Qualify for Assisted Living Financial Aid in New Mexico

To qualify for financial aid for assisted living in New Mexico, seniors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged over 65
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal noncitizen
  • Be a permanent resident of New Mexico
  • Not own assets that exceed the maximum of $2,000
  • Earn no more than $2,742 each month
  • Have a disability or other limitation that necessitates help with at least two activities of daily living

Eligible individuals must sign up with a managed care organization.

Assisted Living Services Covered by Centennial Care

The assisted living services covered by Centennial Care include medical and behavioral care, as well as long-term support services as needed. It doesn’t pay for the costs of housing accommodations or meals for residents of assisted living communities. As it’s designed to prevent or delay nursing home admission, Centennial Care typically covers services such as help with personal care and everyday activities, domestic duties, meal preparation and basic medical care.