People who are eligible for the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver may qualify for assisted living assistance in Nebraska. This waiver covers the cost of certain care and medical services while living in an assisted living facility, but it won’t pay for room and board. You may qualify for the AD waiver if you’re eligible for Medicaid and meet the waiver’s qualification criteria. 

Medicaid Eligibility

You must be eligible for Nebraska’s Medicaid program to qualify for support with the costs of assisted living services. First, you must be 65 or older or have a disability or visual impairment that meets the Social Security criteria. 

Furthermore, you can only enroll in Medicaid if your income and resources are below the limits set by Nebraska’s Medicaid program. The state sets these limits as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Level. Nebraska income and resource limits often differ for individuals and couples with disabilities.

AD Waiver Eligibility

The AD Waiver pays for people who would otherwise need to live in an institutional facility to receive services at home or in an assisted living community. Therefore, you can only qualify for the waiver if you require a nursing facility level of care. You may meet the criteria for nursing facility level of care needs if you:

  • Have cognitive difficulties that could make it challenging or unsafe to live independently
  • Require support with activities of daily living
  • Require medical care in your home or a residential setting
  • Have additional vulnerabilities or risk factors