Older adults who need nursing home level of care may qualify for assisted living financial assistance in Colorado. Funding is potentially available through Medicaid waivers. Applicants must already be enrolled for the regular state Medicaid program, which is called Health First Colorado. If they meet the relevant criteria, they may then apply for the Elderly, Blind and Disabled Waiver or the Community Mental Health Supports Waiver.

These waivers can help to cover some of the costs at a licensed assisted living facility, which are known as alternative care facilities in Colorado. Neither waiver is available is an entitlement, and applicants may have to be wait-listed to receive funding. People who don’t meet the financial criteria for waiver benefits may still be eligible for some assistance via the Health First Colorado Buy-In Program for Working Adults with Disabilities.  

Elderly Blind and Disabled Waiver

On top of meeting the requirements for regular Medicaid, those hoping to apply for the Elderly, Blind and Disabled Waiver must satisfy extra criteria. These include monthly income lower than $2,742, maximum countable resources of $2,000 (for a single person) and nursing-home level of care requirements.

Individuals must also be aged 65 or older, have a physical disability, be legally blind or have an HIV or AIDS diagnosis.

Community Mental Health Supports Waiver

The financial requirements are the same for the Community Mental Health Supports Waiver as they are for the Elderly Blind and Disabled Waiver; applicants must earn less than $2,742 per month and own no more than $2,000 worth of countable assets. Applicants must also satisfy level of care requirements, in that they need comparable care as that provided in a nursing home. They must have continual need for assistance with daily activities as a result of an ongoing mental health condition.