Assisted living financial assistance in Arkansas is available to residents who meet certain eligibility criteria, including being pregnant or disabled, having limited income and assets and requiring assistance with activities of daily living. The state offers several programs which provide financial assistance for assisted living, including Arkansas Medicaid and the Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver. These programs offer elderly and disabled individuals supervision and personal care services, preventing unnecessary institutionalization in nursing homes. 

In this blog, we will explore the eligibility criteria for assisted living financial assistance in Arkansas. 

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for the Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver in Arkansas?

The Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver is available to residents of Arkansas who are age 65 and older. The waiver can also benefit people 21-64 years of age who are declared physically disabled or blind by their treating physician. To benefit from this waiver, the person must reside in Arkansas and should they choose to live in a nursing home facility, it should be in Arkansas, to be covered under the waiver. In addition, the applicant should have a medical need for nursing-home-level care. Examples of such medical conditions include requiring assistance with daily activities or having Alzheimer’s.

To be eligible for the Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver in Arkansas, applicants earn below the income limits set by the state and display a financial need for state assistance. The income limit for single applicants is $2,742 per month. The income limit for married couples applying together is $5,484 per month. Asset limits are $2,000 for single applicants and $3,000 for married couples, but the value of residential homes and personal belongings are excluded from this limit. Elderly Arkansas residents (65 and older) who do not meet the eligibility criteria may qualify through different pathways, such as the Medically Needy Pathway or the Asset Spend Down Pathway. 

What Services Are Available in the Living Choices Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Program?

In Arkansas, Living Choices is a Medicaid waiver program for assisted living which aims to postpone or avert the need for nursing home care for vulnerable seniors. The program offers various services, including assisted living amenities, non-medical transportation, medication management, skilled nursing services and help with activities of daily living such as transfers and personal hygiene.