Older adults who are at risk of needing institutional nursing home care may qualify for assisted living financial assistance in Arizona. While Arizona’s state Medicaid program, also known as the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, doesn’t directly cover assisted living care, it does make care provisions via a managed care model. Anyone who qualifies can receive financial assistance immediately without going on a waiting list.

Eligibility Criteria for Assisted Living Financial Assistance in Arizona

Seniors must meet several criteria to qualify for monetary aid to put toward the cost of assisted living in Arizona. Seniors must either be aged 65 or older or be disabled. They must be U.S. citizens or qualifying non-citizens and live permanently in Arizona. Additionally, their income mustn’t be more than $2,523 per month and their countable assets can’t exceed $2,000. Importantly, seniors must also meet level of care criteria; they must need the services typically provided by nursing homes to qualify for assisted living benefits.

What Does Financial Assistance Pay Toward in Arizona?

Regarding assisted living communities, Arizona Long Term Care Services managed care program doesn’t provide funding to cover the costs of bed or board. It typically covers personal care services such as help with bathing, dressing and brushing teeth, assistance with day-to-day activities such as eating and transferring, and help with instrumental activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, transportation and domestic chores.

Residents of assisted living communities generally also have opportunities to join diverse enrichment and socialization activities.