In Missouri, an annual income of $18,075 before taxes is considered low for seniors. This figure is for an individual and increases to $24,353 before taxes for a household of two people. These limits are helpful for seniors to determine whether they meet eligibility requirements laid out by the Family Services Division to participate in the state’s Medicaid program, Missouri MO HealthNet. Seniors on a low income in Missouri may be able to offset the costs of long-term care with this program.

What Help Is Available for Seniors in Missouri With a Low Income?

Seniors on a low income in Missouri may be able to access financial assistance that relieves some of the costs of long-term care. By participating in Missouri MO HealthNet, seniors can receive coverage for personal care received in assisted living facilities. Additionally, seniors living in a Medicaid-covered facility that offers skilled nursing care may be able to access financial assistance with their room and board. There are less costly long-term care alternatives for seniors that do not meet these criteria.

What Are Less Costly Options for Long-Term Care in Missouri?

Adult day health care is the least expensive option for long-term care in Missouri and may be of interest to seniors on low incomes that are not able to finance their assisted living with Medicaid coverage. As this does not offer room and board, this option is best for seniors who reside with a caregiver or loved one. Home health care is typically a more expensive option than assisted living, but may be a cheaper alternative to nursing home care.