What Are Ways Aging Adults Can Care for Themselves at Home?

Author: Andrea Miller

Reviewed By: Brindusa Vanta

Ways aging adults can care for themselves at home include connecting with local resources, having a strong support system and updating their living spaces to be accessible and free of hazards. These actions help older people stay healthy and safe when they decide to age in place.

What Services Help Older Adults Who Live Independently?

Services to help older adults who live independently include: 

  • Skilled nursing and home health agencies
  • Visitor and companion services
  • Meal and nutrition services
  • Transportation services
  • Tax and money management assistance
  • Emergency medical alert systems

The local Area Agency on Aging connects seniors with the available services in the community, and the city or town senior center often provides helpful resources.

What Common Hazards Exist for Seniors Living at Home?

Common hazards for seniors living at home include kitchen appliances, clutter, household chemicals and medications. These hazards can lead to falls, burns and accidental poisoning. Remove items from the floor, and secure area rugs to reduce the risk of falls. Adding night-lights, grab bars in the bathroom and traction mats on slippery surfaces also helps.

Burns often result from kitchen accidents and fires. If a fire occurs, the person should leave the home and call 911 instead of trying to put out the flames. Medication confusion commonly causes poisoning in older adults, so keep prescriptions in their original containers, request large-print labels and ask your doctor for help if you have questions about taking your medicines correctly.