Home health care in South Carolina costs $27 per hour on average. Home health care includes personal care assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, housekeeping, meal preparation and light medical care. The actual cost of home health care varies depending on how many hours per day, the type of care that’s provided and the exact location within the state.

The Cost of Home Health Care Throughout the State

Cities throughout South Carolina have varied costs for home health care. The average hourly rate is $23.50 per hour, which is approximately $4,481 per month, based on 44 hours of care per week. At the northern end of the state in Myrtle Beach, home health care is $1.50 more at $25 per hour. Seniors in the state capital of Columbia pay slightly less than the state average at $23 per hour. The highest cost in the state is in Hilton Head Island at $29.25 per hour. 

Comparing the Cost of Home Health Care Across the Nation

Depending on the cost of living in the state, home health care costs vary depending on where you live within the country. The hourly rate in South Carolina is $23.50, which is less than the national average of $27. In the northeast in New York, seniors pay around $29 per hour for home health care, while to the west in Minnesota, the hourly cost rises an additional $7.25 to $36.25 for the same type of care. Texas has similar hourly rates at $24 per hour, while California and Colorado residents pay $32 and $33.50, respectively. In the far northwest in Washington state, the median hourly cost is $34.50.

  • South Carolina: $23.50
  • National: $27
  • New York: $29
  • Washington: $34.50
  • California: $32
  • Colorado: $33.50
  • Texas: $24
  • Minnesota: $36.25